Necessity of faith and prayer in doing the work. Mr. Padgett is his chosen one to do the work.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight and heard the sermon, but there was not much said that was very vital to our truths, and I have no comments to make on the sermon. Luther was there also and was disappointed somewhat, for he rather expected the preacher to say some things that might have been beneficial to the souls of his hearers. He will write you very soon, and he is very anxious to do so.

Remember that I love you with a very great love, and that you are my chosen one to do this work, and that to no other man has such an opportunity and privilege ever been given; and you must not become a failure. So much is dependent upon the world getting the truths at this time, for men's souls are longing for the truth, and are more susceptible to receiving the same than ever in the history of mankind. So believe in my love and surety and permit yourself to get in close rapport with me. I will pray with you tonight, and you will realize some response to my prayers. When you pray tonight, believe that what you ask for will come, and you will not be disappointed.

Well, as I told you, when I delivered to you the prayer, if you offer that prayer with all the earnestness and longings of your soul, it will be answered; and when the answer comes these material things will come also, for when you receive what that prayer asks for you will then be in possession of the Kingdom of God, and these other things will be added to you. God knows what you need, and is always ready to bestow upon you these needful things, and when you become His true child, He will not neglect to give you these other things. He is more thoughtful and careful of His children than is the earthly father, and His angels are always ready to do His bidding, So have faith, and pray, and pray and you will realize the wonderful responses that will come to you.

I will not write more tonight, but again impress upon you the necessity of faith and prayer; and you must not forget that we angels of the Father are with you trying to help you.

Good night, With all my love and blessings,

I am Your brother and friend,


Luke affirming that the Master wrote.

I am here, Luke.

I will say only a word, for I see how you feel and how important it is that you believe that the Master wrote you, and how certain it is that you can rely upon what he said. If you only knew how much he is interested in you, and how much love and care He is bestowing upon you, you would not for a moment doubt or lose faith in his promises. And, besides, we are all with you in love and efforts to help you.

So believe and you will not be disappointed.

With my love I will say, good night.

Your brother in Christ,