There are Two Loves, not One

People are taught that there is one love, but there are two loves, natural love and Divine Love, or to put it another way, the love we were created with, perfected or not and The Divine Love which is God's love.

No-one can comprehend this Love of the Father until they receive it into their soul, its like the old saying, “what you have never had, you will never miss”, and another thing, those who have not received it do not recognise it in those who have received it, and to complicate things even more, some have unknowingly received this love but lack the understanding of what it is that makes them different from who they were before the inflowing of this love.

But when you sincerely pray to God with faith and longings for the inflowing of The Divine Love, you will receive it and you will understand the great change in your soul that it causes, also you will know that it is waiting for everyone to accept no matter what their condition of soul is.
This love is progressive and comes in answer to the prayers of the individual, the more a person prays for it, the more of this love is received and the person that prays for this love, ......


may look forward to a time in the future when their soul completes its purpose and then the transformation happens, or the new birth. Then the journey really begins.

So simple and easy has God made this process, that the minds beliefs will not normally allow this to enter into ones concept of what is true. Some may say that if this is so easy then why hasn’t everybody done it? This is a legitimate question and worthy of being answered. Well some people have done it to varying degrees, but not that many.

Life is demanding and most people must use all their time and energy just to keep on top of it, which does not leave much time for contemplating spiritual things or thoughts about the reason for their existence, and here is a truth that no-one can deny, and that is, that they exist, but how many take one step further and ask why.

Some are satisfied with what their religion or beliefs tell them and do not seek further. Some are sure that there is nothing to find out and never seek past what their physical senses tell them. Some don’t want to commit themselves to anything they don’t know about and prefer to wait and see. Some just accept what the mainstream tells them to believe. While others are just confused with all the conflicting truths and lies. Here are but a few of the things that prevent the majority of people from seeking and finding The Truth.

There are also those that know about God's Divine Love and keep it to themselves for their own reasons, maybe they think that if they told people no-one would believe them anyway, so what’s the point, or that they would be ridiculed, laughed at, condemned or considered strange and a host of other reasons.

I Have often wondered what the world would be like if every Man, Woman and Child turned to God in prayer and accepted His will for us, instead of submitting themselves to this, that and the other?

God is the God of all his children, only God should be worshipped; only God can save us from our sins, only with God as our leader can we hope for a peaceful world where love prevails and all are treated as equals. God knows what is best for us, and if enough call out to God, the evils in this world would be no more. Take one little candle into a big dark room and it will safely guide you in the surrounding darkness. When we rely on the natural love we will always meet with failure because this love is just a shadow of what the Fathers is and is fallible. It was never meant to be a means to an end but just a way shower of a greater love which we may all possess and is a privilege that God offers to those who desire it.

Could it be! That God is waiting for us to ask, before He sends this love? I believe that God is always attempting to contact us, but when we are looking in the other direction and not listening or not asking, then this may develop into that person not acknowledging the creator of their soul, and because God respects our will and will not infringe on our right to choose the direction we choose, then the alternative is, that He waits patiently for our call.

God is all powerful and loving, God is immortal, without beginning or end, and has not only created the things in life but has created life itself so that his creations may live in it, and this life he continually upholds. God's will for us is that we accept His Divine Love, the only thing that can change us from mortal to immortal, this is The Great Miracle, and when one understands the great, love and patience God has for us, it makes that one very humble.

There is a great truth in the Bible, but not many understand the importance of it though, and that is the truth of The New Birth. “You must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven”. No blessed water or sacred words will achieve this end, but only the love of The Father can do this and it is to God we must go, being that it is God who offers us this gift.

So understand that there is something we can do to help ourselves and this world and if enough people so willed it, allowing this to happen in the here and now, it would bring about the long sought after peace the world has been waiting for. As many lighted candles would totally eradicate the darkness of the room, so would many godly souls vanquish the evils that surround us and save the generations to come from the terrors that beset this world.

Where light is, there can be no darkness.