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Are you a spiritual truth seeker who has yet to discover the real and absolute truth about God, our Creator and Heavenly Father? If so, then this book will dispel the so-called conventional wisdom of who and what is God.

What are the #SecretsOfGod? Rather than a God of wrath and vengeance, we learn: that God is true Love Divine; the location where He resides in the Heavens; that God is Soul with a distinct form; and that He communicates with us by soul-to-soul communication. How does God feel about wars? Is He a God of nations or a God of the people who reside there? Secrets Of God

This book reveals the importance of God's Divine Love, that it is available, and it can transform a hardened sinner into a Divine Angel. God's Love for us is immense and, in fact, if it is our desire to obtain His Divine Love, we may do so at any given moment by the simple awakening and longing of our soul. What is our soul, how is it created, and the process of incarnating into our very being is explained in this chapter.

The importance of prayer and the Prayer for Divine Love is included. Other topics in this easy-to-read book format are Soul Longings, Faith, Immortality, and the true definition of Religion. Finally, understanding God's Truths and God's Secrets are highlighted in the closing chapters.

Each chapter contains paragraphs and colored images sprinkled throughout. Each paragraph and the numerous images are invaluable for meditating on the various topics. Having known the #SecretsOfGod for four decades, I can attest that the edited spiritual messages contained in this book are authentic.

Following the Divine Love spiritual path which is described in this book is truly life changing, and it is amazingly simple. Well, are you ready now to make a positive change in your life and wish to become spiritually motivated and uplifted? As we know, time stands still for no one. Time to get this book!

Joan Warden

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Thank you and God bless you! 

Divine Love for the Soul:

Divine Love for the Soul: God's Gift of Love is the first volume in the Divine Love series featuring an inspiring collection of true stories of soul awakenings, getting closer to God, spiritual experiences and inspirational essays and messages from Divine Angels with the aim of revealing the simplicity of receiving God's greatest gift: His ability to change a heart through Divine Love. Divine Love for the Soul

The book showcases a myriad of spiritual experiences and perspectives from writers located in Australia, Canada, Norway, South Africa and California, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas, New Jersey and Florida USA. Each of the twenty-one writers embraces the same spirit, resulting in a unique collaboration and a commitment to sharing their message.

While culturally different, the contributors shared a common theme that allowed the book to offer information from the highest authority. For example, Dan Bowman from Texas writes, “Touch God’s Love and touch truth;” Ian Nicol from Norway declares, “God’s Love is the solution;” and Joan Warden from California adds, “Loving God is so easy.”

We feel that if people read this book, they will embrace the message, creating within them the desire to receive the Greatest Gift from God: Divine Love for the Soul. We also believe that as hearts change, minds will change creating a domino effect of peace, love and goodwill among all peoples of this earth.

Divine Love for the Soul: God's Gift of Love is available in electronic and print formats.

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God's Divine Love is the Solution:

God's Divine Love is the Solution is the second volume in the Divine Love series containing writings from 34 people around the world who have found the true enlightenment about the meaning of life and the prerequisite to obtaining immortality and salvation upon their passing from this earthly existence.

The writers share their unique spiritual journeys which amazingly lead to the exact same place - the truth about God and the importance of receiving His Essence and Substance, Divine Love. This higher Love brings blissful happiness, peace and freedom and is the key that will unlock the hardest heart and the closed mind.

It’s patently evident the world is literally dying for change. People need help; they need solutions to their problems, and they need to know about God and that He’s here to help. If this describes you, we’re confident the stories in this book will benefit you personally, and more importantly, they will benefit you spiritually; and you will become motivated to take a simple and easy action to change your life for the better. Now is the time for change. God's Divine Love is the solution.

God’s Divine Love is the Solution is available in electronic and print formats.

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El Verdadero Evangelio Revelado Nuevamente por Jesus Vol 1: El Amor Divino de Dios (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback – July 25, 2015

Este libro es la versión en español del Vol. I del libro titulado “True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus”. Aquí encontrarán mensajes de Jesús de Nazaret y de otros Espíritus Celestiales, tales como algunos de sus discípulos y apóstoles, así como de muchas otras figuras históricas.

Estos mensajes fueron canalizados a través del Señor James E. Padgett, un médium por excelencia, quien, durante los años 1914 - 1923, utilizó su don de médium para recibir mensajes de estos altos Espíritus Celestiales, y para ningún otro propósito. En estos mensajes, Jesús de Nazaret se presenta como el hijo de Dios, y no Dios, como explica en los mensajes, y el Maestro de lo que él llama los Cielos Celestiales, donde sólo aquellos que poseen el Nuevo Nacimiento del alma, a través de la oración a Dios y posesión de Su Amor Divino, pueden habitar en luz y felicidad, conscientes de su propia inmortalidad y convirtiéndose en uno con Dios en la naturaleza de Su Alma.

Estos mensajes hacen hincapié en la gran importancia de procurar el Amor Divino de Dios, y la razón de ello. Entre los mensajes encontrados en este libro, se destacan temas como: cuál era la verdadera misión de Jesús en la tierra y su relación con Dios; la importancia de procurar y obtener el Amor Divino de Dios; la salvación del hombre; la estructura de los cielos; el verdadero significado de la inmortalidad; Quién y Qué es Dios; la función del Espíritu Santo; la resurrección de Jesús; el perdón; aclaración sobre la “expiación vicaria”; las verdaderas circumstancias del nacimiento de Jesús; el destino del hombre después de la muerte del cuerpo físico, y muchas otras revelaciones de gran importancia para la humanidad. No importa lo que se pueda pensar con respecto a la fuente de estos mensajes, el mérito está en el contenido de los mismos, por su gran lógica y sublime simplicidad.