Thoughts are Things
Thoughts can be our own, can come from spirits, can be a mixture of both, and can be influenced by our earthly life, what we believe and our upbringing, also we can receive thoughts and influence from God.
The minds thoughts may be good or bad, our thoughts affect the soul's condition and the soul's destiny is created, and finally the soul's condition influences the thoughts of the mind.
When I first found out that "thoughts are things" it gave me quite a shock, I immediately raced through a lot of thoughts I had entertained throughout the years, I had a belief that whatever we thought stayed with us, that it was actions and not thoughts which were the judge of us.
Well I was wrong, thoughts leave us and can be directed at another, and they will receive the thought, the quality depending only on the sender and the receiver, none the less, they go out anyway. and even others who are perceptive may receive our thoughts, and above all. God knows all of our thoughts.
There is nothing mysterious about this, a mother may instinctively know if her child is in danger, the phone can ring after you have thought about the person who now rings.
So even though I knew very well, since I was a child, that our thoughts are perceived. I also had a false belief that this was not true.
Thoughts can create too, they can attract situations and bring them to us, good and bad depending on our thoughts.
The problem was that these thoughts seemed to have a life of their own and were near impossible to control, anything could trigger a complimentary thought, I felt stuck in the midst of something I had no control over.
Most people have heard of the sayings. "you reap what you sow" "think! and so shall you be" this is not new information, but sayings from people who found out how the mind works and some of the laws of God.
So for me, reading Jesus' messages changed everything, they showed me that it was not so much the mind that was the important thing, but it was the "SOUL," and that the soul can be transformed into the essence of God through prayer, through sincere longing for a nearness to God and the reception of God's Divine Love into our soul, which in turn transforms the soul from the image and emptiness, to substance and an existence that is real, which in turn leads to an eternal life in bliss and harmony and a future in the Celestial Heavens, that no words can describe.
So pray to God people, this is our message, read these messages, they will inform you of the truth and will help you to pray in the correct manner.
When the divine love comes in abundance, you love everybody, negative thoughts are non existent, while you are in this condition. you can think of an evil man for example, and you have only love for him, it has nothing to do with justice or his wrongdoings, and this does not mean that you are in agreement with him either, but this love is so overwhelming that whatever he has done cannot remove the love from your soul.
I'll finish this with these wise words from Luke.
A paragraph from Luke:
"So I say, let men not devote so much of their time to those things which are of time only, while they remain in the world of time until the mortal becomes a spirit. Thoughts are things; and when applied to man's spiritual development, they are things of the most vital importance. A little thought may lead a soul to a dormant, hardly living state, or cause it to grow and increase into a thing of beauty and harmony with the spiritual possibilities of its possessor. And, as it has been said, where your treasures are, there will your heart be also. And so will your thoughts be that turn man's soul into darkness, or light."