Ignorance is not Bliss, Ignorance is Deadly

You may be the most sinless person in the whole world, but if you have not received The Divine Love of God, you will remain the created man or woman.

This image soul creation has been given a period of time on earth and in the spiritual spheres to make its decision. Many people cannot believe that God will end this period and forever deny those who have not made the effort to achieve immortality. So many will live in death up to the time when God makes his decision and then it will be too late for these image souls to do anything about it.

Don’t be fooled by religions or belief systems that tell you otherwise. Everyone knows that they are unfinished creations, everyone knows that there is something they must do, and many try to remove this inner feeling through the pleasures of the flesh or by creating or adhering to beliefs that are contrary to the truth.
Many have forgotten their soul’s purpose. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is deadly.
Some religions teach that all you have to do is, think good thoughts and do good deeds, or believe in......


the name of Jesus, maybe this will lead them to the Divine Love, maybe it won’t.

I have spoken to many good Christians that always refer to “Jesus died on the cross for our sins”, that God sent him to be tortured and to die on that cross, which paid the price for the sins of mankind. Then why is there so much sin in the world? This question goes unanswered.

Some sects maintain that you are God, or that you are already saved, and some proclaim that there is no God, or even that the devil is God. Are these beliefs to be relied on? Are you willing to take a chance about something so important?

Pray to God, be humble, acknowledge your sins and repent before God, know that this saving gift of Divine love is waiting for you to accept, pray with all the longings you can muster, this is what saves you. Its between you and God. It matters not if you are of high status or lowly status, what matters is that you receive this Divine love into your soul and it is this change of soul which eventually transforms a man, woman or spirit into an angel of God.

God is offering us immortality. A higher blissful love we can hardly comprehend. Happiness beyond all concepts we might have of it, and so much more than we can possibly imagine.

Why then is the world like it is?

Please read The Visit and then return. After the episode ended, I wondered, how many people had said yes to this evil spirit? And received what he offered in return for their Soul. I believe it was satan, the so called prince of this world, who else could offer all these material things? I never believed that there was a devil as is usually portrayed, a fallen angel. Read: (There are no devils and no satan) So when he appeared in front of me I was shocked. Afterwards, I found out who, and what he was.

Well to begin with he is a deceiver of mankind, not a fallen angel but someone who was born and lived on earth a long time ago. He was evil on earth and is still evil in his hell. He has no real power, but he and his followers have created by deception the world as it is, by tempting weak souls into serving him by giving them wealth and earthly power in exchange for their services. His so called power is by deception. He is always on the lookout for new souls because when people sell their souls and join him, the evil corrupts them and they lose what was left of their goodness and stability that they were created with, and if this defiling of the soul continues with these poor souls, it would show and people would find out and protect themselves from these evil ones. He may tell them that he is the light bringer or whatever they want to hear, but those who believe this obviously evil being are fooling themselves and when he has no use for them anymore, he discards these pitiful souls and replaces them with new naive recruits.

Many wonder how this can be when we have an all powerful and loving God. Simply this, God respects peoples will.

God knows that many are being deceived, but if God intervenes and stops all evil with force, this would mean that he disregards the will power he gave us; this would also deprive us of the possibility of transformation, being born again, which is a choice we may opt for with our free will. There is help at hand for those who end up misusing their will power and decide not to proceed, and if they ask God for help they will receive the help and protection they need.

(We need our will power to choose, God). When I decided to write this article I hesitated, I have no intention in fooling myself or anyone into believing that which is not true. I always pray before I write. I prayed for God’s help to write something that would reveal to the reader some of the barriers we are up against, and to help people to see that they are capable of seeking The Truth for themselves. In my story The Visit which I proclaim is true, there was something I left out; a short while after Jesus appeared, he got me to think about something, I think about it often and I also believe that it goes for all of us.

This is what he implored me to think about, the most important moment in your life is the moment of the death of your body, and no-one should take it lightly, because the condition of the soul at that time determines the place that that soul must occupy. After its entrance into the spirit world, the soul must eventually go where it must go, and from there everyone can progress to a higher place. It is not for us to decide where we think we should go in the spirit world, but it is the condition of the soul that creates our destiny and the soul is subject to the beliefs and thoughts of the mind.

Many people think that it is best to find out afterwards, wait and see, and they just live their lives as they please.

What about these people who have died and were sent back to earth for a second chance. (Near Death Experiences). Many change their way of thinking, they now understand what is important. We are planning our future from our present which extends past our bodily death. We are the masters of our own destiny, and it is a great mistake to waste our life in ignorance and denial of the truth of the laws of God.

Mankind’s beliefs change like the wind, but God’s Truths never change.

Pray to God for The Truth with your mind and soul and it will be given, Pray for The Divine Love with your mind and all the longings of the soul and have faith, then you will find out for yourself and then no-one can tell you differently. It is only we that prevent our progress towards God.

Ask and you shall receive. Why not ask God, what His will is for you.