A Dream I had
I had a dream, many years ago now, you know, one of those dreams that you never forget.
The dream started with me holding the hand of a really tall angel, and we were both walking towards this circle of glorious light in the distance.
I knew that this light was where God was, and we were heading towards it. As I looked in front of me I saw others heading in the same direction, towards the light and God, each with their angel the same as me.
I looked down and I noticed that we were all walking on a light tube wide enough for two.
As I peered down I could see millions of dark spirit people trying to climb up onto this tube. They were all trying to get up onto the tube by climbing onto each other, so when one almost got there they were pulled down by the others.
I felt really sorry for them, especially for those who seemed to just need a hand to get up. .....

They were crying out, help me! I looked ahead to see if any of them had managed to climb up, but none of them did.
I glanced up at the angel thinking "why isn't anyone helping them?" But the angel just looked ahead towards the light, and was still holding my hand firmly.
As we walked, just ahead of us I saw an elderly lady who had almost managed to get up, just below her I could see that a younger spirit person was pushing her up, and she was nearly up, automatically I reached out to help her up with my right hand, the one the angel was holding, as I clasped her hand the angel shouted NO! But it was too late, I was dragged in and all these hands pulled at me climbing onto me forcing me down, and down I went, all in my vicinity dragged me down. It was terrifying, the further down I went the darker it became, eventually I reached the bottom.
Still scared, I looked around me, there were others there just wandering about, they didn't seem to care about climbing up, they didn't seem to care at all, even though there was nowhere to go. I looked up from where I came and saw a mass of these dark spirit people climbing up by pulling those above them down.
After a while, I thought, "what now!" So I decided to climb just like the others.
While I was climbing I felt really bad, because I had to pull others down to get higher up, it didn't seem right so I stopped, and let go then fell to the bottom again.
I remember the feeling of being all alone with the wanderers who didn't care. I thought about the angel and the light tube that lead to God comparing it to where I ended up. Then out of desperation, I started praying for all I was worth and while I was praying I noticed to the right of me some movement, a door, it slowly opened, and as it opened an intense light began to shine through, the more the door opened the more the light shone through.
All the wandering spirits were astonished and they gathered around this light.
When the door was fully opened, the angel I was with on the light tube appeared, standing in the doorway, he held out his hand towards me, so I walked towards him with my stretched out arm. The other spirits ran towards the light but they could not get in, something stopped them just as something stopped those who were nearly up at the top. I took the hand of the angel and went through the door, and then it closed.
The dream ended, then I woke up covered in sweat.