Samuel gives his experience in the sixth Sphere and his progress to the Celestial Kingdom


I am Samuel the Prophet.

I want to tell you that I am in a condition to tell you of my existence here in the spirit world, and what I know about the truths of the doctrines of Jesus as I have learned them since I became possessed of the Divine Love, which he brought to earth and to the world of spirits.

I have lived a great many years in this spirit life, more than you may think from the account of my earth life as contained in the Old Testament, for that book does not state correctly the time when I lived as a mortal.
Many thousand years have gone by since I lived and performed my work as prophet and teacher on the earth, and I have in all these long years learned many things about the spiritual world, and its conditions and laws. In the first place, I am not a spirit who was given over to the evils that men are usually possessed of when they become spirits, because when I lived on earth I was very close to the Father in his thoughts and love. I mean the love which He gave to man at that time.

This love, while not the Divine Love, yet was a love that was sufficient to make men happy when they possessed it free from sin and error and tried to do the will of the Father, as they understood that will. Many men thought that they understood this will, when in reality they only knew that which the laws of Moses taught them to be right in the sight of God. But some men were given a deeper insight into the mind and love of the Father to bless and make men happy in their natural love and consequently were closer to Him, and better understood His will and what was pleasing to Him.

I have since my becoming a spirit learned many truths which I did not understand on earth, and which are necessary to know in order to be able to enjoy this love in its fullness.

I never, though, possessed this Divine Love until after Jesus came to earth and showed men and spirits what this Love meant, and how necessary it was to obtain it in order to become a part of God's Divinity.

I do not now see that I was any more in favor of God, as I then possessed only this natural love, than were many others who had the privilege of receiving from His angels the inspirations which came to them at times, and which made them able to tell the inhabitants of earth what was the purpose of God to have them do.

I was only a man in the sense that I was only possessed of this natural love and hence, could get no higher in the spiritual world than this natural love would enable me to attain.

I am now in a heaven which this Divine Love has opened up to me, and which enables me to enjoy the great happiness which that Love causes all to have, who possess it.

When I lived in the spirit world before obtaining this Divine Love, I was only possessed of that happiness which comes from the natural love, and I knew nothing of the happiness which I now possess. So you see, the spirit which has not this Divine Love can go no higher in the spiritual spheres than it is fitted to occupy by reason of this natural love, and the principal source of happiness is this natural love and the development of the mental faculties. On earth it is possible for a man to obtain this happiness and live in the heaven of the perfect natural man as I did prior to my obtaining this Divine Love.

I was a spirit in the highest of the spiritual spheres and was very happy, as I thought, but when I obtained this Divine Love, I realized that the happiness of my former condition was as nothing compared to that of my present condition, and I therefore want to tell all mankind that they must seek for this higher Love, if they wish to obtain a bliss that is supreme.

I know that this rambling talk may not seem very instructive, but I merely wish to emphasize the fact that I lived a mere man, though in the spirit form, before I obtained the Divine Love, and that only with the coming of that Love in my soul did I partake of the Divinity of the Father.

Well, they are still in the spiritual heavens because they have not yet embraced the Christ doctrine of Divine Love. They are living and teaching the doctrines that they taught on earth, only much improved.

I don't know, except that they have been satisfied with what they taught and the happiness that they live in. It may seem strange to you that they have not found this Love in all these years, but it is a fact, and they are not seeking for it. I feel that they have neglected a great opportunity and have lost very much by letting all these years go by without having sought the great truth.

The different teachers of the various religions which have come to earth are occupying planes in the spiritual heavens all to themselves. They, the Jews, still think that theirs is the only true religion, and that they are the chosen people of God, and that all others are mistaken in their doctrines.

Well, I must stop. So thanking you for your kindness, I will say goodnight.