Mary Kennedy progresses to the First Celestial Sphere and gives a description of her new home

I am here, Mary:

Well Doctor, I am here, as you may be surprised to know, if you had forgotten my last secret, but I don't believe that you have. I want to say that I am in a happier condition than I have ever been yet, for I am now in the Celestial Sphere where I know that happiness is so much greater than it has ever been. So you must believe me when I tell you that my love is so very much more abundant, and that you are dearer to me than ever before. So try to realize what I mean, and imagine that you are with me, even for a little while, and then you will be happier too. I have said what I wanted to say and must stop.

(A few days later when the opportunity presented itself, Mary Kennedy wrote as follows.)

I am the spirit of a woman who once lived on earth in the far away land across the ocean, and was known to my people as a little English girl of not much importance in the world, but now I am of great importance to a human who loves to have me with him; and I merely write this to let him know that he is not always in condition to sense when I am really with him, for I heard him say that I was not with him all the evening, and heard all that he said, and enjoyed hearing him talk, but until just now did not mention my name; and if that were the only sign that I have to know that he is thinking of me, I would suppose that he had forgotten me, but thanks to my powers to read his mind, that calling my name is not necessary.

What do you think of that for a sentence?

It is only representative of my love, for just as that sentence is long drawn out, so is my love. But I must not tell him or he may become alarmed at what awaits him when he comes over. Well, I have introduced myself, and now I want to tell him how happy I am and describe briefly my home. My house is a beautiful one of which you might call alabaster, and in it I have many rooms suited to my various moods and conditions; all beautiful and full of the most perfect harmony, and everything to make me happy and contented.

My music room is filled with many instruments of various kinds on which I can perform and bring forth the most beautiful harmonies; and I can sing too, and when he comes over I am going to surprise him by playing and singing some of the songs he so much enjoys at the Colburns. I will prove to him that I was with him many times while he was a mortal and could not see and feel my presence.

I have a library but not many of the spiritual books which he has read or heard of, for they do not contain anything that is helpful or beneficial to spirits who live in the soul spheres, because very few of them contain anything which shows or teaches the development of the soul or the grandeur of the Father's Divine Love.

I have the most beautiful vines and roses all over the porches of my home. And in all the rooms are flowers and plants of the most exquisite colors and delicious perfumes. And the pictures on my walls are such as he has never seen on earth; the subjects portrayed are not of scenes that lend to make inharmony or strife or mortal passions appear, but all teach by their realism the truths of love and happiness.

I do not have any beds to lie on, for as you know we never sleep, but we do have couches which I sometimes lie on to rest when I have become a little tired from work, and strange to say, I sometimes dream of him, as you mortals say.

I have no kitchen, for we cook nothing, but my dining room is fitted up in a style that would make your mouth water, as it is filled with pictures of fruit and nuts and flowers, and other things, to suggest good eating. We eat and enjoy our eating as do you mortals, but our food is nuts and fruits, and our drink is pure water, with all the life-giving qualities that spirits need.

The lawns around my home are very beautiful in the freshness and greenness; and the trees are grand old oaks, as you say, that cast their shade over the greensward, and over the many little nooks that abound in our gardens. And then the flowers are so abundant and so variegated in color, and delve in perfume.

I have also a beautiful little lake of water in which are boats that carry one without the physical exertion that you have to exercise on earth.

All is more beautiful than I can give you the faintest idea of, and there is only one thing wanting in all this beauty and happiness, and that is that man sitting opposite you; but I would not care to have him bring that mortal body, though he is a pretty good-looking boy as mortals go. But I can see beyond the mortal body, and I know that his soul is much more beautiful than his physical appearance, and yet I am afraid that his soul is not yet in that condition of development that would enable him to come to me just now. But he is developing, and before he comes over, I feel that he will be in condition that will bring him closer  and closer to me, so that the distance between us will not be so great.

If he will only try for this development as I am trying to help him develop, he will come very close to me when he comes over, and then he will have such Love all around him that he will not find it difficult to progress to where his other half is, as Luke said.

And speaking of this message of Luke, I want to say that I have my individualized form and a perfect one, so Helen says, and I know that I shall never lose it to enter into some other mortal. Why the very thought of such a thing makes me wonder what all this great Love of the Father was given to me for, if I am to be deprived of it and again become a mere mortal with all the passions and appetites of a mortal.

No. I have no fear of that, and he need not either think that when he once comes to his soulmate he will ever be separated again, and go back to that dark and gloomy earth to live.

Well, I have written a long letter and must stop.

So give him my love and tell him that I am with him more than he realizes, and will continue, to do until he comes over. And thanking you for your kindness in permitting me to write so long, I will say goodnight, and subscribe myself your friend and his ever true and loving, Mary

(On February 19th another short message from Mary Kennedy on her spiritual progress which is as follows.)

I am progressing again and this time to the Third Celestial Kingdom and of the great glory of it all, never did I conceive of such wonders and beauty; and when I come to the earth plane I want to bring my glory and beauty with me and wish that my soulmate could see it, but he cannot, and I can't describe it to him for it is beyond all conception and description. But I must prove to him that I love him for I am willing to leave all that beauty and grandeur for a time and come into these earth planes just because I love him so much. Someday he will realize what this all means and then he will say to himself, How that little soulmate must have loved me.

Well, I will not write more, will close with my kindest regards to you, and my soulmate love to Leslie.

I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to write as I have.

Your sister in Christ, Mary