The Choice
Our Creator has bestowed upon us a great gift, the gift of choice, so to choose, there must be a least two choices to choose from. 
Adam and Eve knew about this choice God had presented before them, what they didn’t know about, was the consequences of their choice.
Now, the one choice was to return to God through prayer and faith, asking God for His Divine Love to transform them from the image into the real substance, to be at-one with God and attain to immortality, to be an angelic son or daughter, under the purview of God's law of love and harmony, and to live in heaven as has been explained by God's messenger, our dear Jesus Christ, the first to receive this transformation.
The other choice, the one that Adam and Eve decided to take, plunged themselves and the entire human race that followed into the material, where the animal instincts took over and the result was sin and error as it more or less exists today. Our first parents through their pride and ambition to be like God and a co-equal by.....
their own attempt, which is commonly known as the fall, is still in practice today. Even worse, it is glorified, the intelligent are the privileged ones, while the less intelligent, or those who do not appear to be as clever, are ridiculed and condemned.
When we look at mankind’s many so called advancements, it is only an act of pride and distrust, which is no different substantially from what Adam and Eve did. In effect we turn our backs on God and walk away thinking that we have no need for our Creator.
There is another philosophy some adhere to, and that is that God sent us here to fend for ourselves, look after number one. This is what the evil ones believe, those who never sought the truth. But they, who think and live such lives, will reap their fate that drags them down to a level of defilement, if not in this world then the next. Until they themselves realise their total dependence on God and accept, in humility, His greatest gift that he has waiting for us through prayer and faith, His Divine Love.
As Jesus informed Nicodemus, “you must be born again to enter the kingdom of God”. This is the transformation of the soul, from image to substance, from death to life, from mortality to immortality, from a human being to an angel and true child of God. Also, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you”.
God provides and the mind of mankind cannot understand these most important teachings, but the awakened soul can, those souls that have prayed and received God's Divine love know this truth.
Many Celestial angels, now redeemed and who live in the celestial spheres never prayed for this redemption while on earth, but did so in the spirit side of life, after the death of their bodies.
But what the world needs now are these pioneer souls, who manage to obtain this transformation while on earth, or at least get enough of God's love in them to make a difference, not that easy when the greater majority hold fast to their manmade beliefs, or who just have not got the time and do not wish to be bothered, or that they just don’t care, or willingly live in sin and error.
If a person seeks the truth that God wants us to know, they will find it.
If a person seeks the truth about what Jesus really taught, they will also find the truth that God wants us to know.
What we need to know, is what will be given and that is the truth of our redemption, how to be saved and what we must do from whatever condition we may find ourselves in. This cannot be just an inquiry from the mind, but has to be sought for by our soul, and the truths that come will be housed in the soul, not the transitory mind.
When the yeast (Divine love) is placed in the soul (The Dough)
And given warmth (Prayer and Faith),
The mind of man must give way to the mind of the soul.
This in turn gradually creates the transformed soul,
And then, the new birth occurs, (The Bread).
Then the elements become one, (At-one with God.). As Jesus said, “I am in the father and the father is in me”. All this happens because of the Fathers love, our yearning for it causes it to happen. God does not just give it to us without our asking, but we have to long for its coming. “Seek and ye shall find”. We choose it, the great choice.
THE MIRACLE from image to substance, from death to life, from mortality to immortality. Those who seek our father with all the longings of their souls may look forward to happiness and bliss unspeakable.
Humility is the reverse of pride and arrogance.
Humility towards God must be strong, so that we may receive, pride and arrogance blocks the love. Some may believe that it protects them and lifts them up above the rest; they think they must control or be controlled, but this belief is erroneous and does in fact the opposite. “After pride, comes the fall”.
We are not animals, like a pack of wolves, we are God's own children created to love and when we do other than to love, we break God's laws of harmony and fall outside of God's protection. It seems that after we incarnate on earth, we begin to fall out of harmony because of the earthly influence and false beliefs thrust upon us. But, we may return if we choose to, e.g.. the “prodigal son”, another parable from Jesus. Though the more we lose the truth of our souls purpose, the more difficult it becomes, but it can be done.
Those who believe they are already saved because of some belief they hold on to, represent the other son in the prodigal son story. Which son approached their Father in humility? Which son became angry at the Father? We have all sinned, this is the truth, then which class do we belong to? Sinners may also become repentant.
Praying and receiving God's love removes sin, it removes the cause of sin, and this process transforms a sinful person into a divine angel, eventually. The material laws are consistent test after test, until a higher law comes along, and then the lower law must necessarily give way to the higher law, then what mortal man perceives is what is commonly known as a miracle. So, when God's Divine Love is implanted in a soul, the soul moves nearer to the Father and His higher laws come into being for that soul.
Jesus healed spontaneously, why was that? The higher laws at work? and here is where, I believe, immortality starts to become understood, because there is no end to the Fathers higher laws and truths. So as we move towards the Father, we realise that God will always be God, the highest and all perfect, and we will never know, or be as God is, but shall forever advance and grow nearer to Him.
So I imagine that our concept and understanding of who and what is God will forever become enlarged. God is love, this is true, but does this describe all of the Supreme Creator, the only one who has always existed.
All things are created, except God.
The new birth of the soul is our first step into reality, and that is beyond our imagination, so what follows the new birth does not need to be told, we have to experience it.