Strange Things

Some strange things have happened at the library, books have fallen from the shelves in front of me, and very interesting books at that.

This one episode got me thinking, as I was checking out a book, the library assistant looked at me strangely and said “you borrowed this book last week”, I replied no I didn’t , “yes you did, I remember that you did”  she replied forcefully. She seemed quite sure about this, which gave me the shudders because I had not seen this book before and had not been to the library for some time.

So I asked her to check her computer, then her eyes nearly popped out, but she said nothing. “well did I borrow it”, she still didn’t answer, “can I have a look then to see who did borrow it, I inquired, “no that’s not allowed” she replied, and that was that, I never found out what was going on.

The first thought that came to me was, do I have a double, or doppelganger?

I came to this conclusion, because around the same period of time a woman, whom I have never seen before came up to me in the street and acted like she really knew me, and just started chatting away about the good times we had together and the people we supposedly were acquainted with. Until she noticed that I did not know what she was talking about, when she stopped talking, I hesitatingly said I’m sorry but, and then she got all flustered and confused and walked off.

Is someone playing games? what is the meaning behind this?, is someone trying to tell me something?. So many strange things have happened to me that I have lost count.

Once on the way home from visiting some friends, I saw some strange lights just above me, I would guess about 20 metres in front of me and 10 metres up in the sky.

These lights were all different colours dancing around in a kind of formation, coming together then flying away. I watched them for a while and they just carried on.

“What is the point in this”, I remember asking myself, and then went into my apartment, wondering about it.

Another time I woke to the alarm clock, the time was 7 o’clock, I decided to get an extra 10 minutes or so then went back to sleep. Then I had this really, really long dream. Towards the end of the dream I received the impulse to wake because I had to go to work, and I thought that this dream had lasted much longer than 10 minutes, more like 2 hours.

So I woke, believing that I had overslept, nearly jumping out of bed, I checked the clock which read, 7 o’clock, no time had passed at all, not a second.