Jesus enlarges upon the efforts of the Spirits to show Men the Truths of the Father


I am here, Jesus.

I want to add a little to what your grandmother said, "On the efforts of the spirit world to show men the truths of the Father."

I know that it will be difficult to make men believe in communications that may come through mediums, and that the churches will antagonize the reception of such communications, but I want to tell you that there will be such power exerted by the spirits of the Kingdom, that no efforts on the part of men or churches will be able to withstand these efforts of the spirits. Just as soon as mortals get in condition to receive these truths, they will be given all the powers necessary, and the truths will come with such force and exactness, that the erroneous beliefs will have to give way and let the truths that I speak of take their places.

I know that it will be difficult to get men and women in the proper condition to receive these communications, but it will be accomplished and that before a great while.

Humanity is now longing for the truth of the Father, and their longings must be satisfied. No longer will form and ceremony and the mere declarations of the churches, as to what God has provided for his children and what the churches have provided be sufficient to satisfy.
The mind as well as the credulity of men must be considered, and when the teachings of the churches are against reason and the knowledge of spiritual laws, which men may learn, these souls which hunger and thirst for God's Love and the way to obtain it must be satisfied.

I know that my Kingdom will be established on earth in a fuller and more truthful way than ever, and men will believe in me with a greater confidence than they ever have--not as a God to be worshipped, but as a brother and friend who is able to show them the way to the love of the Father and to their own salvation and to immortality. So you see the importance of getting good, and righteous mediums to convey these great truths.

Mere physical phenomena do not enlighten the soul very much as to its destiny and what road it shall travel to reach God's love; and such phenomena will henceforth become of less importance in bringing men to a knowledge of what awaits them in the spirit life.

I will try to influence many mortals to get in this psychic condition, so that they may receive these truths, and thus do the great work that is necessary for the redemption of men to a greater degree than in the past.

So you must be constant in your work and faith, and after a little while many will engage in the same work.

I must stop now. Your brother and friend, JESUS.