No person can be neutral

Whatever comes out from us has an effect, if we allow negative things to come into us, no doubt they will also come out of us in some form or another From image to realand they will always come out in a negative manner just as they went in, if we do not allow these negatives in but send out our love instead they cannot enter us.
For example, if we fear, we are sending out fear, if we love we are sending out love, everyone can understand this, and some may further understand that these things we are sending out will not only have an effect in the world about us, but will also return to the person that produced these things, and this in a twinkling of an eye.
So! you want the world to become a better place, well most do want this, they want to see love and peace and equality etc. The problem seems to be a lack of knowledge about who and what they are and more importantly, what they can become.
The master-slave syndrome seems in this world to be a normal thing, but is it?
It appears most people are wishing that one person or group win over the other person or group, you will see this in families, politics, sports, countries, religions, drugs, war, dictatorships, the list is endless, the fight against whatever, is a fight you are going to lose and even if a person believes the "fight against" is the only way and can even show positive results, they will only be temporary and because they are only temporary the "fight against" will be proven in time to be a mistake which only produces more fighting and inharmony.
The only ones that think they gain from this confusion are the people who have made themselves masters over their brothers and sisters, this has gone on for generation after generation and it has been like this and will carry on like this until people seek and find the truth, or God puts an end to it.
The terrible irony for the people who misuse or allow others to misuse their free will so as to become the masters over others in this world is that this life is short, very short and has nothing to do with the reason that they believe in and when they enter the spirit world the false veil will fall and they will see the results of their actions and the condition of their soul out of harmony and lacking in love, I think if they knew the inevitable results of their actions they would pray for forgiveness now!
In the messages on this website it is obvious for those that understand them, that sincere prayer to God brings God's love into the soul of anyone that prays sincerely, there is no fight against the evils this person maybe subjected too, there is no, you have to do this first to reach out to God, there is no I am not worthy of God's love or pointing the finger at others implying that they are not worthy of God's love, because God's love is for all sinners that turn to Him and even if they do not turn to Him, God still loves them, but if they take the necessary steps and reach out to God their Father and Creator they will find that it is this love that in time removes the accumulated sins this person is plagued with and not the persons fight against sin in themselves, although some may opt to fight sin in themselves and subsequently sin in others too, this self-controlled corrective path has not produced the ideal wished for, the battle is still raging in the souls and world of mankind and it doesn't stop there but carries on in the spirit world.
Love is the supreme power, it can make the hardest man cry like a baby, it can heal and sooth, it prevents all kinds of evil, it is the force that controls the universe, and it is from God who is the Creator, how on earth did things outside of love ever take control over God's children is a question to be asked, maybe these things outside of love came into existence solely because of the children's ignorance of the truth, if there is no place for inharmony in God's universe of love, then where are we? somewhere we are not meant to be maybe, somewhere lower than which we were created to be in, fallen in soul condition which places us outside of the reality that was meant for God's children!
We cannot do it alone, we wouldn't exist without God, we need God, and when we do the simplest of things and pray to God, God's Love comes in and sin disappears and the soul is gradually transformed from image to real substance and becomes at-one with God and in harmony, of course this is a process and the speed of this process is up to that person, in fact whatever you choose or believe you are forced to choose is entirely up to you, we came into this world alone and we leave it alone and what we did in this life will place us in the spirit world accordingly and no mistake is ever made as to the placement of people, now spirits in this world.
progression can be made there as it can here, why wait until afterwards, the only thing that doesn't follow is the body of flesh which is just a temporary manifestation.