About these Messages

When people arrive at this website for the first time and see on the first page Truth, God, Prayer, Divine Love, Jesus, many may think, it's all been said before, I don’t need to read this.

But wait a moment! Our guests should at least check to make sure that they are not passing up the chance to transform their destiny and find the way to the truth that our Creator wants us to know. Nothing happens by chance and if you have arrived here, maybe its worth checking out.

Before you even start reading, know that seeking the truth with your heart and soul should be strong, a seeking soul will eventually find.
The way to this information can be long and winding, where one goes from one belief to another, without finding the nourishment that our souls long for, further reading will confirm that you have been privileged to read some of the most unique messages ever written for the attention of mankind.

When you read these messages and try what they implore you to do, and that is to simply pray to God in the correct manner, you will find that everything you have ever wondered about becomes clear, the questions you dared not to ask will be answered, and you will realise that the power of God’s love is the only thing that can bring peace, happiness, freedom and true knowledge that will change you, and in turn have an all encompassing loving effect on those around you and the souls of this world, and in the spirit world.

So before you start if you haven’t already that is, “Truth” must be the keyword, this will be your basis for what is conferred upon you and help you to recognise it when it comes. God will not give you a stone when you ask for bread. Ask God for The Truth, don’t wait for someone to tell you or to do it for you, it may never happen.

Do not believe anyone who tells you that you must do this or that before you can approach God, God awaits our call now! Rich, poor, sinner, it matters not to God what our earthly status is. If you have been told that some people or you yourselves are condemned by God, you have been lied to, by those who do not know God.

This seems to be the worst known deterrent of them all that prevents people from approaching their Creator, many who have believed this about themselves or others, turn against God and walk unknowingly into the darkness.

So be careful, be wise, anything that gets you to hate a certain person or persons must be inherently evil and not from God, even if these people are so terrible that some may think that they deserve to be hated and feel justified in hating them, I wouldn’t do this if you do not want to lose the love you possess, this is what they want you to do and you will fall head first into their pit of hate, and become like them, that is hateful.

God’s Divine Love will protect you from all that is false; you will be able to put down your defence because you won’t need it anymore.

One more thing, this website is not attempting to start a church, sect, religion, or undermine the truths that you may have, but I hope it will be helpful and informative in your search for The Truth.