Jesus Explains That God's Divine Love is Needed to Enter Into the Kingdom of God
I am here, Jesus.
Yes, I am that Jesus. You should not doubt, as I have told you before that I am.
They are in a condition which prevents them from seeing that I am the true Jesus, and they will all be lost unless in some way, they get an awakening to the fact that only through me can they obtain the Love of the Father, which will enable them to enter His Kingdom.
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, as I long ago said. They will be forever shut out of His kingdom and will live in the spirit land without this love to comfort and make them happy. I do not mean to say that they will all suffer eternal punishment, for they will not. The Father loves them all, but their state will be one of only comparative happiness, and they will not have within them that Love of the Father which is necessary to make them supremely happy.
You will know in proper time all these things which make for the happiness of my followers. You must wait until I am ready to explain these matters to you.
Yes, I know you are helping the darkened spirits and some mortals; but you must not let every spirit who seeks your help cause you to give your strength to them in the way of writing, for as your wife has told you, the laws of communication must be obeyed, or you will suffer in your power to receive these messages.
Yes, very much. You have great faith and I am somewhat surprised at it myself, but you have it, and God hears and answers your prayers. You must continue to pray and believe.
You must not doubt that I am with you and wrote to you; neither must you doubt that I can help you in every time and heed.
Yes, you will receive that inflowing of the Holy Spirit as they did, even while you are on earth, and will be able to know that God is your Father to the extent that they knew. Only you must pray more and believe more. You will not only receive that but you will also receive power to convince men of my teachings and lead them to my Father's Love, and also to show that you possess this Love by being able to heal the sick by merely praying for them.
This I tell you now, because you will soon commence to take my messages and you must have these powers and faith.
Yes, I hear your prayers to the Father and I try to let you feel my love, and you do sometimes. But you must not let your prayers come to me as God; I am only your friend and brother. Yes, I know, but these sayings I did not say at all. I merely claimed to be my Father's son and messenger. I did not claim to be God.
Yes, I said that my Father sent me and that is true. I did live before I came to earth, with my Father in the heavens and so did you.
I meant that in the Kingdom of God there are homes and that I would go and prepare a place where my followers should have a home with me, separate from the homes of the spirits who are not believers in or followers of me; that my kingdom was to be a separate kingdom from the other parts of the spirit lands, and that those who wanted to live with me would have to get this love of God in their hearts to do so. My kingdom is one where Love is supreme and where it is manifested in the purest and highest degree. I have not seen God in the sense that I have seen you, but that in the sense that my love is so very abundant and so truly His Love, that He appears to my soul's eyes just as plainly as you appear to my natural eyes.
Many of my sayings were merely symbolical and not intended to be taken literally. My Father cannot be seen by anyone of His children, and no man has ever seen Him, for He is not of form or substance that can be seen. You are now very near where you will see Him with your soul's eyes, as I did, and when you do, then you will be able to know that His Love is in your heart to its fullest. Why you are so greatly blessed with this Love and Faith I really do not know, even though I do know so much of His truth and Love. But I see that you have great possibilities of faith and love which will make you a most wonderful man doing His work of saving souls for His kingdom.
Well, I can readily see how you may doubt; but as I know, you must believe me for I am telling you the truth. It will leave you as the Love flows in, and you will then be able to realize that you are free indeed. They will not after the time appointed shall end. No more will the opportunity come, and no more will God give His Love and Grace to men or spirits. They will love only with the natural love that belongs to them as mortals. They will never receive this great Love which comes by the operation of the Holy Spirit. They will continue to live forever, but their happiness will not be of the kind that my followers will have and they will not be contented in that happiness. They will forever long for something that they can never get.
I will not let you write more tonight as you are now in a condition of more happiness. Well, I love you with a love that will never end and that will keep you in all your troubles and worries free from everything that tends to make you doubt God's love or my teachings.
So with this love I now bless you and pray that God's love may come into your heart more abundantly.