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An awareness of who and what is God and how His deep unconditional love is
for all of His children.

God is our Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe and all of
its living creatures.  He is soul and has a form that we cannot comprehend
with our mind, but only when our own soul becomes developed by receiving His
Divine Love can we perceive Him and His wonderful attributes of love,
gentleness, kindness, mercy, patience and forgiveness.  He is a loving
Heavenly Father, who desires that His children turn to Him for all things as
He is able to help us with everything that we need to make us happy.

Who and What Is God

No. Sin and error are mankind’s creations and are violations of
the perfect workings of God’s immutable laws.

Sin Has No Existence Except as It Is Created by Mankind, and Man Must Pay the Penalties

God is not a man, who can supernaturally transport Himself to the
earth and walk amongst us so that we can see Him.  But we are able to
perceive His presence by His love and tenderness when our souls become
spiritually awakened.  And God does listen to us and responds to the true
longings of our souls.  He shows Himself by His Holy Spirit, who delivers
His Divine Love, when we earnestly seek for it.  For all other prayers, He
answers them with the help of ministering angels and it is these angels who
speak on His behalf.

God Sees, Hears, and Knows the Thoughts and Deeds of Men and Spirits

Who and What is God?

Because of the fact of the great variety of beliefs and teachings on earth
as to the meaning of the second death, many men and spirits will neglect
to exercise their privilege of obtaining the Great Gift of the Divine Love and suffer
the second death. The second death will take place when that great separation
occurs, and the gift of this privilege of receiving the Divine Love of the Father will
again be withdrawn from man and spirit. No other death is meant, for man and
spirit will continue to live their mortal and spirit lives, without any other death than
that which is now constantly taking place.

Adam and Eve and all who followed suffered the first death, which continued until
the arrival of Jesus.

The necessity of obtaining the Divine Love

Reveals what it is, how we may obtain it, and what its effect is on our

Divine Love is God’s gift to us and is the very essence, or
substance, of God, Himself.  This powerful holy love removes sin and error
from our soul and transforms it into a divine soul and is the key to giving
us salvation and immortality.  It doesn’t come to us by way of thinking
about it, we must pray for it with all the earnestness and longings of our
soul and when we receive it, we can feel it in the vicinity of our heart and
it is an unmistakable feeling of warmth and love.  But receiving God's
Divine Love only once is not enough for this divine transformation.  It
must become not only a daily activity of prayer, but a way of life that
brings to us an amazing happiness and joy and an assurance that we are truly
a child of a loving God, our Heavenly Father.

The Divine Love of God and the New Birth of the Soul

The Divine Love Prayer

If our soul is open, we should be able to receive it right away.  But if
it's closed, then the length of time it takes may be different for everyone,
it all depends on our soul's condition.  So there is no set time.  It could
be a week, a month, or longer for our soul to open with continual prayers
and soul longings.  But it will come eventually and praying and soul
longings should become a way of life, as the more Love we receive then our
soul's condition becomes more transformed and refined and we develop a
closer relationship with God.

The Great World Teacher will be the Master again come to earth in the formof his Divine Revelations

No.  This is a New Age philosophy that is untrue.  The love that
is within us is the natural love.  We must receive God’s Divine Love in our
souls in order to become divine.

What it is that makes a man divine

It doesn’t mean that we must accept Jesus as our savior as the
Bible teaches. The true meaning to be Born Again is the complete
purification and removal of sin and error on our souls by the inflowing of
God’s Divine Love, whereby we become a new creation and immortal.

Jesus is not God, but was sent by the Father

An explanation of what is death, plus descriptions of spirit life - the
spheres, homes and surroundings, and spirits who inhabit them.

At the time of death, it is our physical body that ceases to live;
however, our spirit body, with our soul, is alive and the process by which
it passes - to the next phase of its existence into the spirit world - is
explained in detail in the following Padgett messages.

What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body foreternity.

Helen Padgett’s experience of passing into the spirit world

Amazingly, the spirit world is very similar to what we are
familiar with here, as the earth is the image of the spirit world.  There
are several spheres and the homes where spirits reside are suited to their
soul’s condition, whether it is in temporary darkness or light, and as
spirits progress by the purification of love, their homes and surroundings
change and become more beautiful to reflect this love and light.

Ann Rollins describes several spheres and the different kinds of spiritsinhabiting them

This is an area of the earth plane between the darkness of Hell
and the light of Heaven in the second sphere.  The spirits who reside here
have found their comfort zone and are satisfied with the degree of happiness
that suits them.

The conditions of spirits in the twilight zone and their progress in the natural love

A very controversial subject, and the reason for this is because it varies,
the condition of the soul determines the locality of the spirit, when the spirit body
enters the spirit world it must go to and occupy the place which its enclosed soul condition
determines that it shall occupy.

Spirits' experience when entering the spirit world and their progress

What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body for eternity?

No, there are no animals in the spirit world, the spirits can create spirit animals though.

There are no animals in the spirit world

Enlightenment of the soul - a discovery of who and what we are.

Yes they are. One was just as the other as respects the gifts bestowed, and together, they were the perfect pair, male and female were they created with divers functions and duties to perform in the perfect workings of the laws of God. The Padgett messages use the word man very often, this is because when the messages were written this was the terminology used, so Man means Man and Woman.

Creation of the first parents-difference in their qualities, equal in their relationship to God and each other

We each have a soul that was created by God in His image, which is
invisible and can only be felt when we have an awakening that it truly
exists inside of us.  The soul has two units with a duplex personality, male
and female, and they have a conscious awareness of each other and of God. 
This is the true meaning of soulmates.  At some point, these two units separate
and when the proper condition presents itself each soul enters into a
different mother’s womb and at that time a spirit body is created to house
the soul.  After this separation occurs and the soul incarnates into the
body, soulmates lose this conscious awareness of the other and they may not
meet until one or both have returned to the spirit world after the death of
their physical bodies.

The Soul: What it is and what it is not

Jesus explains the incarnation of the soul

Yes.  It is very important for our beliefs to be in harmony with
God’s truths, in order for our soul to attain to perfection of the natural
love.  A change of beliefs is essential for progression in the spirit world,
and we can make the necessary adjustments now – we need not wait until we
pass into the spirit world.

No one can possibly reach the condition of perfection, unless their mentalbeliefs become in accord with the truth

The difference is, the natural love is the love we were created with,
the divine love is God's love, which must be sought for by prayer to God
before it can enter into our soul-

There are two loves, not one.

Divine Love, what It is and what It is not. How It can be obtained?

A portrayal of Jesus - the truth about his life, teachings, and as the
Master of the Celestial Heavens.

No, this is an error in the Bible and a belief in this will not
bring about the desired result of being Born Again.

What is the use in believing in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross assalvation from sin?

Jesus says his blood does not save men

If Jesus is God, then who was the Father that he prayed to?
Jesus is the son of God, the first to receive God's Divine Love,
we are all sons of God, there is a difference between a mortal child
and an immortal child though, the divine love transorms the soul and those
that become transformed, become immortal angels of God and are fitted to
dwell in the celestial heavens.

Jesus is not God, or to be worshiped as God. Explains his mission.

Yes, Joseph was the natural father of Jesus, Jesus was conceived and born as any other mortal was conceived and born.
The virgin birth is untrue, it originates from pagan mythology.

Mary writes that Jesus was the natural son of Joseph and Mary

No.  Jesus never went to any country outside of Palestine, except
during the years his family lived in Egypt.

Jesus Was Never in India and Greece Studying Philosophies, As Some Claim

This earth life is a fleeting shadow of the spirit life, but an important
shadow to the happiness which man may enjoy in the future.

No it won't, the 2012 predictions are just more scaremongery.

The End of the World

Some people think that God allows or creates evil in the world, but this is not true, evil exists for the sole reason that God gave to man the great gift of free will, without this free will man cannot choose to become at one with God. If the will is misused evil becomes prevalent. God wants us to become at-one with him through our own will, it's a privilege he gave us and is the reason for our freedom of will.

The Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Man - the Spiritual Heavens

Sin Has No Existence Except as It Is Created by Mankind, and Man Must Pay the Penalties

Religion is a matter of soul and not of intellect, and the greater the development of the soul in the right direction, the higher will be the spiritual state or condition of the soul.
Mere intellectual belief, no matter how intense and undoubting, will not tend to bring about this spiritual development, for "religion is really nothing but the relationship and harmony of men's souls with the Soul of God."

Religion, is the relationship and harmony of men's souls with the Soul of God.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hell, but were afraid to ask!

No, there isn't any such thing, no fallen angels either, there are evil spirits that want people to believe that there is though.


There are no devils and no satan

No Such Thing as Fallen Angels

This is an erroneous belief that many religions push on their
congregations and causes people to fear God and brings harm to their souls.

know that Hell does exist, but it is a temporary condition and
location and not meant to be permanent… call it transitional housing, if you
will.  But, if we should find that our first place of residence is in one of
the many levels of Hell, we have the power of our own will to change our
condition by seeking love and forgiveness from God, so that we may be
released and move on and out of this location.

No one will suffer in hell for eternity - all will progress

Hell and the duration of punishment: Judgment and the Law of Compensationand Forgiveness

These writings, supposedly written by John the Apostle are false, and have caused many good and honest people and earnest seekers of Truth astray, many believeand teach these false doctrines, that have resulted in much darkness and stagnation in the development of human souls in their longings for the Truth.

The "Book of Revelation" is No Longer the Original Text That John the Apostle Wrote

Men or prophets cannot tell what will happen centuries ahead, it can only be known by the Father

Miscellaneous Q&As not listed under a specific category.

No. This is a belief by Buddhists and other religions that is
false.  Once our spirit body/soul, passes into the spirit world, it
continues living there, and it never returns again to earth to inhabit
another physical body.

Jesus refers to possession and denies reincarnation

Incarnation of the Soul - Mystery of the Birth of the Soul in the Human Being

As you sow, so shall you reap.
If your thoughts are good, you will attract to you good situations and good spirits,
if your thoughts are evil the opposite happens, your thoughts influences your soul
and the condition of your soul determines your destiny.
Pray to God for His Divine Love, this is what we teach.

The Great Law of Attraction

This is the time when the Father shall withdraw from man and spirit the privilege of obtaining this Divine Love and Essence, which time will bring the second death.
The opportunity of seeking for and finding the way to the Celestial Spheres and Immortality is given now, and has been in existence since Jesus made it known over 2000 years ago.
The first death was the disobedience of the first parents who rejected this offer.

The Destiny of the Man Who Does Not Have the Divine Love in His Soul,and Who Dies with Only the Natural Love and a Belief in the Creeds and Dogmas of the Churches

The Kingdom will be completed, and the Door of the Heavenly Kingdom closed