Some Truth

When I was a small boy, I took it for granted that God was there, someone I could talk to, I believed it was God, infact I never doubted it for a moment. My parents were not religious, I was not baptised or anything like that and never heard them speak about God, religion or spiritual things in all my time with them. So I do not know where or when my connection with God came into being.

I grew up in a slum in Birmingham, England, it was a dangerous place with dubious characters as your neighbours and gangs on the streets, so you had to be careful. I had my friends but really I was a loner, I liked to wander the streets, I was never afraid and never ended up in any trouble, like most of the other kids in that area, I did and thought wrong things sometimes, as all children do, nothing terrible but wrong and I knew it was wrong, and always before the event, I got a warning and after the event I felt that God was a little further away.

It seemed to me that if I did just a little thing that was wrong I'd suffer, but when others did really bad things nothing happened to them, they didn't seem to have anything to deter them, they didn't feel bad.....

I decided to keep myself to myself as not to be dragged into doing what the others did. Lying is a sin, thinking yourself better than others is a sin, winning so others lose is a sin, walking away when you could help, is a sin to name just a few, even hating evil people, but the biggest sin of all as I found out by reading these messages was not praying for Gods Divine Love. Because without this perfect love we are sinners and we exist in sin.
Of course some sin more than others, but no-one is without sin in this world.

God forgives repentent sinners, but then again God never condemns us, God has love and pity for us because of our fallen condition which is not entirely all our own fault because of the world we live in, but then again we are totally responsible for our thoughts and actions and the outcomes.
If we break Gods law of love we can only reap the whirlwind that follows, we are an obviously unique creation and so the laws that govern the animal world are different from the laws that governs human beings, we are the greatest creation and the most fallen.
Do most people wish for peace, equality, love, friendship etc.? Do these emotions come from deep within our soul? If we do feel these emotions then we will probably also feel that we fall short of our emotional longings.
What can we do? maybe the problem arises because we are attempting to fit all of these longings into this world, without Gods help.
When the divine love comes, it comes as a mighty force and as long as it lasts you do indeed love everyone, and i mean everyone.
You feel this love so strongly that it overwhelms you, it sweeps you of your feet, your heart and soul expand with waves of happiness and humbleness.
When this happens for the first time there is no going back, your destiny is set, even though after the initial surge of divine love fades, there will be more, when we pray to God for it's inflowing with real soul longings.

It is as Jesus pointed out with the parable of the yeast in the dough, we must keep it warm or it will not rise.
This means that we have to keep on praying so that the yeast, "The Divine Love" can transform the dough, "the soul", and eventually make a lovely bread, the divine angel of God.
Do you think it is possible to pray all the time? Jesus prayed all the time, you could say he was in prayer with God always.
When I speak to people about these matters, usually it takes a while for them to digest, but towards the end of my explanation they start smiling, you could say from their souls, like I struck a note there, and they go all quiet.
My purpose in all of this is to attract their attention and direct them towards God, so they too may be convinced.
I believe pointing a soul in the right direction is a great work and I hope with all my heart and soul that people who read these messages find The True God and receive the divine love, if they haven't done it already, and even if they have, they will certainly feel some comfort in knowing that others will find the way too.