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The Kingdom will be completed, and the Door of the Heavenly Kingdom closed


The Celestials Must Work Until the Celestial Kingdom Will Be Closed

From St. John. (Apostle of Jesus)

We are Celestial Spirits of the highest order, but that fact does not prevent us from realizing the necessity for the salvation of man, and even though we have to come to earth to bring about this salvation in work and association with the spirits of the earth plane, yet it is a labor of love, and humility is the touchstone that brings to us happiness in our work.

No, we are with you often and in close association, and we would not be fellow workers with the Master, if for one moment we should have the feeling that, because of our high estate we should not come in rapport and helpful association with sinful mortals, and so long as the Father requires His great truths to be taught and men's souls saved from the effect of the great fall, and made angels of Divinity, our work will continue.

But sometime after the Celestial Kingdom is closed, our work on earth, as well as in the spirit spheres will cease, and then our homes in the Celestial Spheres will be our only places of labor and love.

The kingdom will be completed--the door of the Heavenly Kingdom closed, and the angelic hosts become separated from the spiritual or perfect man. Such is the decree.

And as the Father desires all men to become at-one with Him in His Divinity of Love, we must work until the great day of the consummation of the Kingdom arrives, and spirits who have not on the wedding garments, shall suffer the doom of the second death.

And when Jesus said, "Work while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work," he meant that while the Kingdom is open for men to enter we must work, for when its doors shall be closed the work of the angelic laborer must cease, and men and spirits be left to an eternity in the spiritual spheres.

And so we work, and so must you work until the time of separation, and as the Master said, the wheat and the tares must be permitted to grow together, until the great time of the harvesting shall take place.

But until then, we must mingle and work and pray without ceasing.

Your brother in Christ, John.