Helen's experience of joy and grandeur in the Third Celestial Sphere

I am here, your Helen, and ready to write as I promised you today, and you must not think that I will not tell you of what is so dear to me, and should be to you.

It has been a long time since I wrote you very much in detail about myself, and you do not know what has taken place in my soul progression for some time past.

Well, I have been praying and trying to get more Love of the Father in my soul and have succeeded to such an extent that I am now in the third Celestial Sphere, where are your grandmother and mother also; and my dear, if I could only tell you of the joys and grandeur of this sphere, I should be most happy. But I have not the words at my command to give you any satisfactory idea of what the appearance and conditions of this sphere are.

I have described to you my home in the second Celestial Sphere, though very inadequately, but that sphere cannot compare with what I have now, and I cannot better describe it than to say it is beyond all possible conception of what you can possibly have of beauty and grandeur and love. I am only in the lower planes of this sphere, but these are so filled with the Father's Love that it almost seems impossible that there can be any spheres where there is more of this Love, but, of course, as Jesus and all the apostles and some others who write you, have their homes in these higher Celestial Spheres and nearer to the fountain of love, consequently there must be more Love where they are.

I am so happy that I can scarcely tell you of what this happiness means, but at any rate, I must say that there is never the slightest thing to interfere with my happiness or to make me think that I am not an accepted child of the Father, partaking of His Love to an extent that makes me immortal and never again subject to death.

This happiness is not such as satisfies for awhile, but is one continual source of living, free from all that might enter into the feelings or lives of spirits that know not that they are one with the Father and a part of Him in Love and beauty. I am only wanting one thing now to make my life complete, and that is to have you with me; but from this you must not think that I am not perfectly happy and contented, for I am, but as you have been told I am only one half of the complete one, the other half must come and join the half that I am before the perfect one can become completed.

So my dear Ned, you must try now harder than ever to get this Great Love in your soul in more abundance, and you may if you will only pray and have faith, for the Master says that you can, and he knows.

Yes, I have my individual home here, just as I had in the lower spheres, and it is just as real, and more so, as any home which you have on earth. My garments are the same in appearance, as to form, but oh, so much more beautiful and shining white, and my countenance too is more beautiful and full of expressions of love.

So you see, I have a greater love for my Father and a greater love for you; for as my love for the Father increases my love for you also increases, and I know that when you come over this love will be so great, that you will wonder that such love could exist.

I do not think that I had better write more tonight as I do not feel like telling you of other things, and I only want to enjoy this Great Love free from communication about other matters, though at another time I shall be pleased to do so.

So sweetheart, think of me as I am now, filled with this Great, new Love that is possessing my whole being, and now dear you are the object of this love, outside of that which is the Father's.

I will not write more, but will say that I am yours now and for all eternity, and am waiting, oh, so longingly, for the time to come when you can be with me.

I will stop writing.

Your own true and loving,