Here is my testimony


As far back as I can remember, I've always had a fascination about God and spiritual matters. In the first decade of my life I attended various churches and was even baptized twice by the time I was 14 years old. My freedom to explore spiritual thought is attributed to my mom's influence to not thrust religion down my throat. Coming from a Protestant background, I recall my mother, Helen, telling me her family used to threaten her with fear of hell and damnation that she eventually left her hometown to start a new life in California just to get away from her relatives.

To my good fortune, my mother wanted me to find God in my own way and so I did. Not that she didn't add her own two cents now and then such as "don't take the Bible too literally" which sounded sensible to me at the time and allowed me to question and to seek God not only in the Bible but elsewhere. Why not, God is a big God; why should He be confined to one book.

Just before finding the messages, I was listening eagerly to preachers, waiting in anticipation to hear what my ears were not hearing. I would pray earnestly to God, asking Him to please reveal the truth about Himself since my soul was convinced I was not getting the whole truth, as if some important detail was being left out. Soon after my prayer request to God to show me the way, I found "True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus", which I am convinced is a true account of Jesus' life and teachings. In fact, I found the messages twice in one year and in two different places which was very interesting since finding these rare messages is like finding a needle in a haystack.

"Seek and ye shall find" was an important ingredient for me in finding these spiritual truths, as well as the willingness to be open in the way God chose to bring that truth to me and to let no boundaries of fear or ignorance stand in the way. Sacred doctrine is not always a good thing if it restricts the freedom to question, ponder and dispute spiritual matters. Through these messages of truth, we are moving towards a new spiritual awakening of who God is and how we can become closer to Him.

But my real adventure in spiritual unfoldment didn't really begin until I started practicing what Jesus and the angels wrote through Padgett. I remember my first experience in receiving God's Divine Love after praying for the Love which presented itself like a warm glow in my heart just as the angels informed Padgett. Eventually, my spiritual faculities opened up to a certain degree, wherein, I experienced spiritual visions and angelic encounters, one of whom was the spirit of my mother, now an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens.

Today, I have no doubt that life continues and that I have a soul and spirit body that reflect my soul condition. Morever, I know that God exists for I have preceived His Presence and His Attributes of a real loving and caring Father who is not far off in the universe waiting to condemn us but is very near, a heart beat away, waiting in the wings and knocking on the door of our hearts to come in and share His Love and Spirit with us.

Throughout the years, it has been reinforced on my soul and consciousness that to truly know and feel God's Presence one must obtain the same quality of heart as God, and that can only come by receiving and possessing His Divine Love, an everlasting pure love. In my fourth decade of life, I'm still praying and growing in His Love with the realization that the best is yet to come.

Many Blessings in His Love be with you,