My Testimony


Hello everyone,

My story is long but possibly you might find some insight as you reach the end of the story.

When I was a child three years old I had a dream of a huge fish with a big eyeball looking at me. The dream was in color. Many years later I realized that this dream was a symbol of Christ being that of a fish and the big eyeball represented Jesus.

When I was four or five years old I began feeling someone on the porch outside my bedroom window and I cried and told my mother "Mommy, Mommy someone is outside trying to come get me." She told me that it was just my imagination that there was no one outside my window" But I was terrified and for several years I had to sleep with the light on in my room because I was so frightened.

I attended several different Protestant churches during my growing up years. I do remember that a little girl name Linda asked my mother if I could go to Sunday School with her and my mother said it would be okay so I attended the Assembly of God church and got my feelings hurt because the children said I was a Holy Roller.

Later to make my Grandmother happy occasionally I would attend the Seventh Day Adventist Church with her but I hated it because the Preacher said that someday Jesus would come to earth on the white cloud and if we weren't baptized we would have the mark of the beast on our foreheads and would be left here to burn in hell.

Of course this was extremely frightening for me and indeed this is the atmosphere in which my mother grew up in.

Some time later when my Grandmother did not know it my mother did get baptized even though she did not really attend the church. I believe she did it more out of fear than anything.

Eventually I decided I wanted to know about God and I became baptized in the Catholic church. My soul was very much affected by the stations of the cross and I felt much sorrow and sadness that Jesus had to suffer the way he did.

When I needed to pray I would go to the Sacred Heart statue and several times while praying some amazing things would happen.

One time while I sat there looking at his face and praying suddenly the bruise on his forehead began to throb and tears appeared in his eyes. I was dumbfounded. Another time while I was praying suddenly a lady opened the door and began to walk down the aisle. As she did this the eyes on the statue of Jesus turned and looked at her then his eyes followed her as she passed by and approached the altar.

Okay now something very strange is going on here what does this mean?

During this time there was other strange phenomenon happening. At night when I went to bed I could hear my Grandmother calling my name.

Gradually I became disenchanted with what the priests were telling me and thinking I am not so sure I believed it.

So one day I said a prayer "Where can I find the truth about my Father?" Suddenly I was enveloped with a great heat and I heard a man's voice and he told me "Follow your heart and your heart shall lead the way."

Of course I was flabbergasted.

It was about this time that my sister gave me the little flyer that had a list of many books pertaining to spiritual communications, since I had told her that I had heard Grandma calling my name.

On the list of all these books was one entitled Divine Fire. I ordered this book and found in this book about three pages pertaining to the Padgett messages and where you could purchase them.

I never had any doubt and I ordered the book and cried my eyes out when I read the messages feeling that at long last I had found the truth of my Father.

The astonishing thing was that while attending the Catholic Church the priest asked me what I conceived God to be and I told him that I felt that God did not have a body like we do nor could we see God but that God was so full of love that all you can see when you look at him is a bright shining light.

After reading Jesus message on who and what God is I was amazed that here at last I had found a source that gave confirmation to what I had always believed but had no way of proving for even though I had attended various Christian churches I did not believe that Jesus was God. I always thought that God was my father and Jesus was my friend and brother.

I do not remember if it made an impression on my sister but even though I had found the messages and believed them I continued to go to the Sacred Heart Statue and pray and one day I took her and we sat there in front of the statue. Suddenly I asked her "Did you see something?" She replied "Yes his eye winked."  Indeed we both saw Jesus wink at us at the same time.

So you see the amazing things that the Angels do to open our eyes.

I have had countless spiritual experiences since finding the messages and so far I have not met anyone who can share similar ones. I will say though that it isn't just the mind being awakened but that our souls have to become awakened also.

I had a spiritual awakening of my soul through the many out of body experiences that I have had. At first it was like a big reunion with my family in spirit. One time I was conscious of being out of my body with them and I counted five of them with me. We were in the sky and I looked down and saw the freeway and all the cars driving along.

I had many of these unbelievable happy experiences then the bubble burst and the time came that I had to face my maker and stand before God in all my weakness. It took me a long time to realize what was happening to me. I was living the experience that people have once they pass over.

According to the messages when we pass over we are greeted by our family and friends and have a happy reunion then we are taken to the abode that is befitting our soul’s condition.

I learned this in the messages but had no inkling that it was going to happen to me while I was still a mortal but it did and when my soul was taken to that place of my spiritual condition I thought I had died and gone to hell.

I was conscious and thinking to myself well I guess I am dead now and my family has found my body and probably having my funeral.

I woke up three days later in the hospital and the doctor told me that the police had found me sitting on the curb of the sidewalk crying. I have never had any remembrance of this having happened to me. All I know is that I was in another state of consciousness.

From that moment on it was a slow steady climb for my soul to come out of the dark and into the light and I can truly testify to the Father's mercy and desire that we be happy for while I was there going through the pain I heard my soul cry out to God and felt the rush of His Love flooding my soul countless times so I could rise out of my darkness and suffering.

I now know that some of the pain and fear on my soul originated when I was that little child being imposed on with false beliefs and I have seen what that horrible message can do to the soul of a child to hinder its spiritual development and I also realized what it must have done to my mother and, indeed, she has written that she had to go through some darkness after she passed and all her life on earth she was terrified to die.

I have come to believe that there are many people who have not truly had a soulful awakening even though mentally they may pray for Divine Love.

I am now happy to report that I have been told that my soul is no longer in darkness and indeed I have been feeling the jubilation that I felt the first time I found the messages and since it has been over thirty years that I have been praying to the Father for his love it causes me to wonder what might be the spiritual conditions of many little children living here on earth.

I would not wish what I experienced on my worst enemy and believe me I have never been a mean or cruel person. I believe that most of my life I have been a fairly decent person and I was not prepared for what eventually I was faced with and this makes me wonder also if any of those people who have come into the knowledge of these teachings have had the same kind of spiritual awakening.

It is not enough to have an awakening of the mind but as I previously stated you must also have an awakening of your soul and it's spiritual condition and from my experience it takes a long time of vigilance and prayer to reach that place where one can truly say that their souls are no longer in darkness.

God's Divine Love is real and everything contained in the Padgett messages is true. For me this is the only source that has proven itself and passed the test. I have never read or found any other that has given me so much confirmation. My convictions have become stronger and firmer with each passing moment of God's Blessings.

Coincidentally I learned that where I live as a child there was a lady living less than ten miles away who was following the Padgett messages but I had to come back to my roots, over a thousand miles away, to find them.

Your sister in Christ Spirit,

Judy Gebhart

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