My Testimony


By Ian Nicol

All through my childhood I knew there was a God, I knew that there was something that needed to be done, I knew that this was more important than anything to do with the material life we are born into and this has been with me since I can remember.
My parents never mentioned anything about God or religion; I do not even know what their beliefs were as the subject never came up, so by doing this they allowed me to find out for myself.

My search for truth started on a neutral basis, no beliefs were thrust upon me, no-one ever attempted to get me to believe anything about the reason for our living or existence, whether there was a God or not.

As a child, I knew I had at least one good guide who comforted me in times of despair, warned me about pending trouble, who showed me things out of this world and some truths that I could not reveal to others because they would never have believed me.
All these spiritual experiences I kept to myself knowing that there was no use in telling people who only had their focus in the material world.

The experience that completely changed my life and direction and which resulted in me leaving England for Spain 6 months after its occurrence, I have written here, The Visit. A deep feeling came over me telling me about the consequences of life and that the day of our death was of the utmost importance, because what we do here will be the judge of where we end up in the spirit world, not where we think we should end up, not by any belief we may have, but by a justice that is for all and which is fair and just.

So this is where my search for the written truth began, I read the Bible, other religious books, spiritual books, in fact anything that I thought would help to find out what was being told to me by my inner senses and enhanced by the out of this world experiences that seem to happen to me every once in a while. But although there was some good in all the books none of them resonated with what I was feeling.

In the late 1990's while I was at work, It suddenly occurred to me that there was a question that I had never asked, I always addressed God and none other, but this thought came to me with such power that I asked it, it thundered in my soul it seemed, the question was, "What did Jesus really say?" simple yes. I have no idea why I didn't ask this before since he did appear to me once.
Anyway, two days later I was attracted to a website and started to read, it was about Jesus communicating through a man named James E. Padgett, I couldn't believe my eyes, after only half a page I knew this was the written truth I had been searching for, the more I read the more I realised that much of this had already been given to me through my non material senses, or perceptions and there was a lot more information here that I didn't know about.

So I read it all and began to pray with my soul as it says in the messages, although it took some time, eventually it happened, a feeling swept over me originating in my soul, my chest area, it was a feeling of such bliss and lingered nearly the whole day, now I knew that this was for real and I made a website about 6 months after finding these messages with the thought that everyone should know about this.
Not many visited that website and I had done nothing to promote it, but in the years between then and now I studied the messages and prayed and it became easier and easier to receive this Divine Love, as more and more of this love came, the more I changed and with this my thoughts and soul perception changed.

Late in 2008 I had a, how can I put it, a very strong urging from outside to do more for this cause, so I made a new website, this one, and am promoting it in all ways possible and this is just the beginning.

On my website I have published some of what has happened to me during my life, (Spiritual Experiences) as you will see there has been many a time when the normal laws of this material world have been subordinated to give me some insight into another reality, as strange as it may seem to some, I have only written the truth as God is my witness. I had never intended publishing them, but there they are, for all to read.

Only through God can we become the object of His will for us.
Only God can give us what we were created to long for, and that is His indescribable wonderful love.

This world is only a shadow of the spirit world; Mankind’s natural love is only a shadow of the Heavenly Fathers Divine love.
The great gift is to be at-one with God and that, God has left for us to decide.
The great miracle is the transformation from image to substance, from death to life, from mortality to immortality.
Those who seek our Father with all the longings of their souls may look forward to happiness and bliss unspeakable. The new birth of the soul is our first step into reality, and that is beyond our imagination, so what follows the new birth does not need to be told, we have to experience it.

How it feels.
I have been feeling the love so strong lately, that I wonder how this could be, such bliss, such a gift from our Father, it humbles my soul, and when I stand there before Him, humbled and thankful, even more flows in.
There no words to adequately describe it, but it is like, breathing pure oxygen, every intake of breath brings this love in greater quantities, my soul expands and seems to fill the whole room, and I then know a little more about how our Father is.
When this love comes in abundance, you love everyone, nothing anyone does can take this away.
God's Love is the solution.

Love and Blessings to all, Ian