The Importance of Knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom.
Divine Love Comes Only in Response to the Soul's Longings


I am here, Your grandmother

You are now in condition to receive our messages, and I wish to write for a while on the importance of knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom. We have written to you of this before, but I wish to add to what you have received. You have been told that the only Way to obtain that Kingdom is by the Divine Love coming into your soul, and changing it into a Divine thing which partakes of the very Essence of the Father, Himself. Well, this is a correct explanation of the operation of this Love on the soul; but in order to get this Love, there must be earnest supplication on the part of the seeker.

A mere mental desire for the inflowing of the Love will not suffice.

This is a matter that pertains to the soul, alone; and the mind is not involved, except, as you might say, to start the soul's longings and prayer. When you think that you are longing for this Love, and have a mere mental desire for its inflowing, the Love will not come - because it never responds to the mere mind, but must always be sought for by the soul's longings. Many men have the intellectual desire for the Love of God, and they rest upon that desire.

They believe that they have the Love, and that there is nothing further for them to do; but they will find themselves mistaken. Instead of possessing this Love, they have only awakened the natural love and, in a way, started it towards its goal of the purified soul that the first parents enjoyed before their fall. But they will not experience the transformation that comes with the possession of the Divine Love.

It is no easy matter to have these longings possess the soul. And men should not remain satisfied with these mere mental desires, for they will not be benefited by such desires, except, as I may say, in the way of having their natural love purified. The longings of the soul come only from a realization that this Love is waiting to be bestowed, and that the soul must become active and earnest in its endeavor to have this Love come into it. Then the transformation takes place.

You will see from this how utterly impossible it is for mere devotees of the church to experience this Love. The longings of the soul are not aroused by the observance of the church's sacraments and the duties which they impose. They may be ever so zealous in their attendance upon the church services, and in their complying strictly with its prescribed requirements; however, it is all a mental process with them - the soul is not affected. They may think that their desires are from the soul and that a response will come, but they are mistaken in this; the soul remains unaffected. Only when the soul's longings are started into activity are prayers of the worshiper answered.

So you will see that a man may be apparently devout, and full of zeal for his church and the teachings of his creed; yet he will not be benefitted insofar as the progress of the soul is concerned. Let not your desires originate from only the intellect, but try to bring the longings of the soul into being. And do not rest satisfied until a response shall come - as it will certainly come - and you will know that the Love is present and working Its transforming power upon the soul.

This is all I desire to say tonight. I am pleased that you are now in condition to receive our messages, and I hope that your excellent condition will continue.

With my love, I will say good night.

Your loving grandmother, Ann Rollins