The Truth Concerning The End of The World

I am here, Jesus;

(Question by Padgett concerning Matthew 24)

Well, so far as that prophecy is concerned, it referred to the fall of Jerusalem. At that time, I mean just prior to and at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem, the whole world was in that condition that the prophecy speaks of. I did not know anything about the present condition of the earth and could not have referred to these times or to what may now happen among men.

The end of the age, as it should be written, referred to the ending of the Jewish dispensation and not to the end of the physical world. That was not to be destroyed at the time the prophecy was to be fulfilled, and no man or spirit now knows when the earth will cease to exist. Only God knows that and He has never revealed it.

But this I do know, that such an event will never take place until He has worked out His plan for the ending of the world, and I believe it would be many centuries yet before such an ending to the earth and the visible world would take place. And I do not know that it will ever have an ending, and much less can a human foretell the same. So you need not bother about these things.

Each human will have his ending of the earth life and to him that will be, in effect, the end of the world. And his duty is to prepare for that ending and what will surely follow. There are many matters yet to be disclosed, and this disclosure waits only for your getting in the proper condition to receive the same. You can see the importance of this, for the end of the world is coming each day to many mortals, which is so important for them to know.

There are very many of these truths yet to be revealed to you that are of far great importance than you have already received, except those relating to the divine love, and we are anxious that you receive them as rapidly as possible, for they are needed by mankind and many souls are longing for the truth that can only be made known through you. No other can do this now, and until they shall have been received our book must not be printed or circulated, for the world must have all the truth that it is now capable of receiving and assimilating.

So my brother, think deeply of what I have said and let your work be to you the most important thing in your life. As you know, you have only a few years yet to live, and if you do not do our work, it may be that a lifetime will elapse before we may be able to get another who shall have the qualifications that are required. Just here I want to say that you, in your day, will not receive all the truths of the infinite. Always new ones will come to the knowledge of men, and the revelations of truth will never have a finality, and no man or spirit can ever be able to say that his knowledge is complete.

Progress is the one law of the universe that exists always, and man, when he gets in condition, will always be the object and subject of that law.

Believe that I am with you very often, and especially when you pray at night, according to my promise.

Good night.

Your brother and friend, Jesus