I am here, Jesus;

I am here and will write a few lines in the hope that I may cheer you up and strengthen you.

You must not look at things with such desponding feelings. I understand how natural it is for you to see the dark side of conditions which have arisen by reason of the death of your daughter, and ordinarily you would not have the comfort which now must come because of the knowledge that you have of the spirit world and of the actual condition of your loved ones. She is now quite happy and more alive to the reality of existence than she ever was, and would not return to her earth life were it possible.

While you may think at times what happiness you and she might have were she still with you in the flesh, and regret that she was taken from you, yet such thoughts arise merely from your desires that are purely of an earthy nature, for when you think of what her condition is now, you will certainly realize that there can be no comparison between the supposed happiness that she might have had and that which she is now actually possessing. And I know that you love her so much that this knowledge on your part is sufficient not only to remove these regrets, but to cause you to rejoice that she is now in the spirit world free from the cares and troubles that belong to an existence on earth. So do not think of these possible enjoyments that might come to you were she alive and with you.

She is with you, closer than you may imagine, and with her is a love greater for you than she ever had on earth. She is now progressing, and the love is flowing into her soul and she is realizing that it is the one thing that can bring joy and peace to her.

She is here tonight and has been with you during the day as your heart went out so lovingly to her and you called for her. She was glad that you so much wanted her with you and responded just as a young spirit in whom the first awakening of the knowledge of the possession of the great love would do. So do not grieve for her, but realize that she is with you and is happy and wants you to be happy. She will be with you a great deal and you will consciously recognize her presence and feel the benefit of her love.

You must also know that many of us are with you and especially that beautiful soulmate of yours who loves you as no other spirit can love you, and she is trying to comfort and help you. So do not permit yourself to feel so lonesome and despondent.

Remember the great work before you, and that all your energies must now be beset to accomplish that work. While you have others on earth whom you must and do love, yet you must not permit that love to interfere with your work or the accumulation of the means which are necessary to carry out the work as we have heretofore planned.

I know that you have been disappointed in various particulars, and that it seems almost impossible for you to get in the condition of which I have written, yet you must not lose your faith, for the matter will be accomplished, and after a little while, when you get in better physical and mental condition, you will start the plan and success will come to you. Let not any ambition or hope for worldly things take the place or even associate with your ambition to accomplish the work which you have undertaken together with us to make complete. Have faith and courage, and then action on your part will come.

I will not write more tonight. You have my love and help and prayers, and you must pray more yourself to the Father.

Good night.

Your brother and friend, Jesus