Jesus Will Never Come as a "Prince Michael" to Establish His Kingdom

 I am here, Jesus

I was with you tonight, and heard the address of the preacher and his explanation of the cause of the great war that is now raging in Europe, (World War 1) and it was a very intelligent and truthful one, and the real foundation of the war.

I will not come as a "Prince Michael" to establish my kingdom on earth, and take those with me whose names are written in the book and destroy those whose names are not written therein, as the preacher said. For I have already come, and am now working in the world to turn men's hearts to God, and to teach them the Way by which they may become at-one with the Father and receive the Divine Love into their souls.

In no other way will I ever come to men on earth, for they will not need me as a visible king, with the powers and armies of the spirit world in visible form to subdue the evil that exists. There will arise no "Satan" to fight against me or my followers in the sense that the preacher teaches; for besides the fact that I am already in the world fighting for the salvation of men, there is no Satan.

The only devils or evil spirits who are trying to influence men to evil thoughts and actions are the spirits of men who still retain all their sins and wickedness, and who are still at work attempting to encourage and enlarge the evil that exists in the hearts of men themselves. How pitiable it is that the preacher and his followers believe that the spirits of men who have died the natural death are unresurrected and still resting in the grave, or in oblivion; and that they are waiting for the "great day" of my appearance on earth, as they say, in order to come again into life and be called by me into my kingdom.

How much they lose by such beliefs, and how great and surprising will their awakening be when they pass through the change called death! There will be no battle of armageddon, but only the battle between sin and righteousness that the soul of each man is now fighting. This is the only battle that will ever be fought between the Prince of Peace and "Satan." Each soul must fight its own battle; and in that fight, the powers of God and His instruments (which never cease to work) will be used to help that soul overcome the great enemy, sin, which is of man's creation.

These teachings of the preacher do great harm to mankind, in that they cause the individual man to believe that I, as the Prince of Peace, will come in mighty power and will destroy evil and all who personify it in one fell swoop, thereby doing the work which only each individual man can and must do.

I know that it will be very difficult to persuade the people of this sect that what they teach and what they conclude the Bible teaches is not true. But I hope that many of them will put aside the security of their beliefs and attempt to understand these truths, when my truths are brought to light and men have the opportunity to learn the truth. For in truth, they must understand them - either in the mortal life or in the spirit world - in order to enter the Kingdom of God.

As to these prophecies of Daniel, they have no application to the present condition of the world. Insofar as they were written by him or by any other prophet, they related only to the times in which they were written. No man or spirit, inspired or not, had the omniscience to foretell these wonderful things that are now taking place in the world. Any attempts to apply these supposed prophecies to the happenings of the present day are without justification, and are the results of the imaginations of men when the occurrences appear to fit the prophecies.

Peace will come, but not as the result of any battle of Armageddon, or any other battle based upon the principles which the preacher applies to these prophecies. As I have said, this battle is going on all the time, and it is an individual fight between the sinful soul and the creatures of man's disobedience.

So do not waste your time in reading or listening to these unreal and foundationless teachings of men who think that they have discovered the Intentions of God with reference to the destiny of nations.

I will not write more tonight. Sometime I may say more on this subject, though its only importance is that it attracts men's attention away from the Truth, and creates beliefs which do harm.

I am with you, as I told you, trying to help you and to show you the Way to that New Birth which is for you and all others who will follow my instructions.

I love you as a younger brother, and I will continue to bless you with my influence and prayers. So doubt not, and pray to the

Father, and you will find the Truth in greater fullness, and will receive corresponding happiness.

Your brother and friend, Jesus