There is none to gainsay or prevent what I do or determine to do

I am here, Jesus;

John has told you truly of the faith you must obtain if you will only pray to the Father with all earnestness and confidence. Elijah's faith is no greater than what you may obtain if you will come close to the Father by prayer as he did.

I am the Jesus who is the true son of God, and am closer to Him than is any other spirit, and know the extent of His love and power to a greater degree than does any other spirit, and I tell you with the authority that my love and knowledge gives me that you may obtain a faith that will enable you to perform greater wonders than did Elijah.

Trust me implicitly and your faith will grow so strong that your freedom from worries and cares will come to you as the sunlight breaks from behind dark and threatening clouds and bathes the whole landscape in light and beauty. But with the acquiring of this faith, also acquire more of the divine love of the Father, for this is the great power which will develop you into the disciple that I intend you to be.

Well, you will receive help, as I have promised, and you must not doubt me longer. I know that you consider your unworthiness as the great stumbling block to the performance of my work, but if I say that you are worthy you have no right to say otherwise, or to feel that I am mistaken in choosing you, or that you are being deceived in this communication.


So forever hereafter, know that I have chosen you for my disciple of this new revelation.

Pray to the Father and trust me, for my love for you is without limit, and my care for you shall be increasing until all shall be accomplished.

I have written this emphatic and authoritative message that you may know that there is no uncertainty that I, Jesus, have chosen you, and you must not again doubt that your mission is as I have told you.
With my love and my blessings, I am, Your brother and friend,




Jesus presents like that of a very God

 I am here, St. John, apostle of Jesus;

I am here again so soon because I want to help you believe in what the Master just wrote you as to your mission and the work that he has chosen you to do.

I know it is difficult for you to believe that the communication actually came from Jesus, but I must tell you that he wrote the message, and that what you received and wrote he actually said; and in doing so he was the king as well as the loving savior who heretofore appeared to you as the loving and kindly brother that he is.

You must not doubt that he wrote you just as you received it, and that he has selected you for his disciple to do this great work of receiving and transmitting to mankind the wonderful truths which he shall write.

When he selected me as his disciple on earth I had my doubts as you have yours, and it was only after I came in close personal contact and association with him and saw the wonderful power that he had, as well as the great absorbing love, did my doubts leave me. While you cannot see him as I did, and hear his voice of love and blessings as I did, yet you will be able to feel his love and realize his presence.

When he told you that you must doubt no longer as to your being selected for this work, he was a magnificent spirit in his aspect of power and authority, and we who saw him as he told you these things knew that he was the Jesus who led us through Galilee and performed the wonderful things that he did; and also the great Jesus who gave to us the knowledge and the way to obtain the powers to heal the sick and open the eyes of the blind and raise the dead. His presence was that of a very God, for he seemed possessed of power and authority, as well as of love and grace.

The spirits who were present and who had never seen these qualities of his nature displayed before were awe-struck, and like Peter and James and myself on the Mount of Transfiguration, fell to their faces because of the exceeding brightness of his countenance, and the glory of his power which illuminated his whole being.

When he comes into the spheres lower than that in which he lives, as you would say, he leaves behind him this great brightness and glory and appears only as a beautiful, loving brother spirit. And never before had those spirits who were present when he wrote you seen the wonderful and inspiring appearance which he then showed.

I tell you that you are a very favored mortal, and when your faith grows you will realize what a wonderful mission has been given you to carry out.

Now we are all the more interested in you than ever, and continually will you have around you some of the high celestial spirits to aid and enlighten you in doing this great work; but the greatest of all will be the Master, for he will be with you often.

Now you must strive to attain to the fullness of this divine love and the faith which is so necessary. There is no doubt as to your getting it if you will only pray. And I must tell you here that you have the prayers of a host of celestial spirits ascending continually to the Father that this faith be given you in its greatest degree. I, John, tell you this because I know, and my knowledge is based on fact.

So let your prayers go to the Father, and let your trust in the Master and his promises increase until at last you may realize the wonderful blessings that may be yours.

 With my love and blessings I am-

 Your brother in Christ, John



Simply awe-struck at the presence of Jesus

I am here, Helen;

Well, sweetheart, now you must be satisfied beyond all doubt that you are the chosen one of the Master to do his work. It was Jesus who was writing, and never before have I seen him with such a royal and authoritative expression on his face. It must have been just such a look as he had when before the tomb of Lazarus he said: "Lazarus, come forth." Power and determination were in his words and stamped on his face, and we who are here never before felt the wonderful authority which he has.     Always before were only love and humility and grace. But when he told you what he did everything seemed to be subordinated to this regal power and authority which he showed forth. I never before had seen this phase of his attributes, and we all felt that we were standing in the presence of, if not God, then of the mightiest personage in all God's universe. I can well imagine that his wrath, should he ever have occasion to show it, would be terrible and withering.

So, my dear, you must no longer doubt or hesitate as to what your work is to be, or as to what great power you will have back of you in doing the work.

I am simply awe-struck and can write no more now. So with all my love, I am your own true and loving,




The sun would appear as a pale moonbeam in the presence of Jesus

I am here to tell you of the Master's glory. Heretofore we have written you mostly of his love and beauty and humility, but said very little of his grandeur and the glory of his countenance when he permitted these attributes to appear in all their fullness and splendor. And this was reasonable, for we had never seen this great brightness and glory.

I am in the celestial spheres, but he never before displayed the wonders of his love and powers to me or to the others in my sphere, and neither to those in the lower spheres. But last night, oh the glory of it, he came to you to write, and in doing so assumed the authority and power which are his; and there came into his countenance and very being that wonderful glory and brightness which made him a being from other spirits apart.

I have seen the glories of the celestial sphere in which I live, and they are so magnificent and wonderful that I have never been able to describe them to you, but they are as a mere shadow to the glory that surrounded and came from the Master when he appeared, as I say. We were spell-bound, as you say, and could look upon him but for a moment only, and I can well imagine how his three disciples fell upon their faces at the time of the Transfiguration on the Mount.

I cannot describe to you his grandeur and brightness, but your sun would appear as a pale moon-beam in his presence. And how thankful that I saw him as he is, for it shows me what must be the wonderful glory and beauty of the sphere in which he lives, and to which I am striving to attain. And thanks be to God, the Master says I may become a dweller therein if I will only pray and have faith and let the divine love come into my soul in sufficient abundance.

When I think of all the wonderful things that have centered around you in your communication with the spirit world, I simply have to wonder in amazement and think why such things should be. The only explanation that I can give is that you are the special object of the Master's desire to have his work on earth carried forth in the way that he has declared.

My dear son, you must not doubt again as to what you shall do in the way of performing the work of the Master. Your call is certain and you must believe, and believing do, with all your strength and the powers that will be given you, this great task.

Pray to the Father for more faith and you will get it. And trust in the Master and you will never be forsaken.

I cannot write more tonight as I want to think of the wonderful scene.

Your own true and loving grandmother,

Ann Rollins



Could not look upon Jesus' countenance

I am here, A.G. Riddle;

I will write only a few lines tonight, as I am in such a condition of wonderment over what took place when Jesus was writing to you that I do not feel able to gather my thoughts for extended writing. I want to say that what happened was to me the greatest revelation as to the character, or rather, the attributes of Jesus that I have ever seen since I have been in the spirit world.

When he wrote you in his emphatic and authoritative manner he became transformed into such a being of light and glory and power that none of us could look upon his countenance, and we had to fall upon our faces to hide the brightness of his presence. I tell you it was a wonderful evidence of his greatness and power. Never before had I seen him clothed in such brightness and power. He was always the most beautiful and bright and magnificent of all the spirits, but never was there displayed in him before those appearances which made us think that he must be a very God. I now know as never before that he is the true son of God, and that he is worthy to follow and believe in. What a wonderful spirit he is. All love and power and greatness, and yet, all humility. Such a combination of attributes I had no conception could ever exist in the same spirit.

Well, my boy, I cannot say much more now except that you surprise me more and more because of the great favor and blessings you have had conferred upon you. We are all amazed over it, but of course, happy over the fact.

You must try your best to do this work and fulfill the mission for which you have been chosen.

What a wonderful Jesus. I cannot help thinking of him and the greatness of his being. I am glad that I saw him as he appeared when he wrote, because now I have some conception of what the glory and the grandeur of the high celestial heavens and there inhabitants must be.

I will not write more tonight for I cannot think of anything just now but the glory of the Master.

I am your old partner,

A.G. Riddle (former law partner)



Jesus is the son of God in its fullest meaning


R.G. Ingersoll, a most repentant believer now;

I must say a word, for my heart is filled with regret and remorse and the recollections of my awful mistakes while on earth, that I must release my soul of its burdens so far as a confession can do it.

I am Ingersoll, and I am not an agnostic any longer, but the most repentant believer in all God's spirit world, and one who no knows that Jesus Christ was and is the son of God to the fullest meaning of the word.

Oh, how glad I am that I came to you when I did, and that you caused me to seek the society of your band of beautiful and bright spirits who are filled with the divine love of the Father, for if I had not been with them I would not have witnessed the scene of last night and today be a believer in the Jesus who I now know is the savior of men by his wonderful love and knowledge of the truth.

Well, my dear friend, such a scene as I witnessed last night was never witnessed on earth, except, as I now believe, by the three disciples of the Master at the Transfiguration on the Mount, and then I doubt if the glory was as great and the brightness of the Master so blinding and magnificent as they were last night.

And what must I think of you, a mere mortal as are thousands of others on earth having a soul development to a certain degree, to be selected for the work of doing the Master's desires on earth; and having that selection declared, or rather, by an occasion that made all the spirits present tremble with awe at the glory and power which were displayed by Jesus Christ, who I, on earth, proclaimed to be merely a good man.

I tell you that you are wonderfully favored, not only in being selected to do his work, but in having that selection anointed, as it were, by such evidence of glory and God-like power as were shown last night. I had no conception of what the glory of God meant, or what the power of God could mean, and least of all did I suppose that any spirit in all the spirit world could possibly possess such glory and power to such a degree as to make him almost God-like.

As I said, I was present and observed him as he wrote to you, and also what he wrote, and as he proceeded to tell you that he had selected you to do his work he was the beautiful, loving Jesus that he always is as I had seen him, but as he proceeded and you doubted the possibilities of such things, and even to doubt if Jesus was really writing to you, there came into his countenance a wonderful look of authority and power and glory indescribable, and upon which none of us could look, and we fell prostrate to the earth, as you would say. Oh, I tell you, the power which emanated from him was beyond all conception, and the wondrous authority that appeared in his whole being was not possible of being withstood by either spirits or mortals, and we were filled with awe and admiration. When he had finished writing the glory and brightness that I describe left him and he again appeared the humble, loving, and beautiful Master. And before leaving us he gave us his blessings, and to me came a great peace that passeth all understanding. I now know that Jesus is my savior, and that the divine love of the Father is a real, existing thing and I am striving to obtain it.

I believe in the new birth and am praying for it, and your dear grandmother tells me that I will soon get it.

So now I say to you that you can declare to the world that Ingersoll, the agnostic, is no longer the agnostic, but a believer in the Father's divine love and in Jesus Christ, His beloved son: The Way, the Truth and the Life.

I will not write more tonight, but when I shall have gotten my thoughts and feelings together I will write you at large and tell you of what my soul says as to my future destiny. So, thanking you for your kindness and for you having such a grandmother, and for such a Jesus, I am your friend.

 R. G. Ingersoll

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-99) Famous exponent of agnosticism.


This is my second coming

I am here, Jesus;

I have heard your discussion tonight, and am pleased at the soul understanding of my truths which you and your friend seem to have, and I now feel that you are both progressing to that point where you will soon be in a condition to fully understand what my mission is in writing these messages. You have said truly that my new revelation of the truths of the soul is what mankind needs at this time, and that people will be in condition to accept the real truths of God's love and of His laws.

My coming to you is really my second coming on earth, and the result in my coming in this way will satisfy and fulfill all the promises of the scriptures as to my second coming.

So let your belief in this important fact, and your faith in me, increase until you will have in your souls and minds no doubt as to what my present mission is, and as to what your work will be in making known to men my real purpose in revealing to them the great truths of the Father.

I will not write more tonight, but say, keep up your courage and believe, and the time will come when you will be able to receive my messages in all their fullness, and with such rapidity that the spreading of these truths will not be delayed.

I am with you and will be a faithful friend and brother, sticking closer to you than any earthly brother.

With all my love and blessings, I am:

 Your loving brother and friend, Jesus



Jesus again displayed his great power

Let me tell you that the Master has just written, and in writing he again displayed his great power and glory, for he wrote with all the authority of his heavenly powers.     I was present and know what I write to be true.

Your own true brother in Christ, St. John



Overpowered by Jesus great presence

Let me say just one word. I was present and I saw the wonders of his power and glory again. I know that he is so much in earnest as to the truths of his mission and of your work, that no man can doubt.

I cannot write much, for I am so overpowered by his great presence that I can scarcely write. How wonderful that he should come to you in this way and declare to you his great mission and power! If you could only have seen him you would never again doubt him or his great mission and your work. I must stop.

Your brother in Christ, St. James



Jesus wrote with power and force

I am your grandmother, Ann Rollins

My dear son, I feel I must write you just a line, because I want to tell you that the Master wrote you, and with such power and force that you must not doubt. He was glorious! And with his great love there was so much glory that we were all, for the time, overshadowed by these influences so that we could only listen in adoration. So believe me when I say that you must believe, for never was a message given with more authority. I know it is hard for you to conceive what I mean, but you will know someday.

Your own loving Grandmother



Jesus' appearance was grand and magnificent

I am here, your own true and loving Helen;

Oh my dear one, what a message you had from the Master, and with what power and authority he wrote you. Again he displayed that great glory of which I have written, and so grand and magnificent was has appearance that we could scarcely look upon him.

I tell you that the opportunities which we spirits have had to see displayed this wonderful glory and power of Jesus have made us all realize that the love of the Father which Jesus has is beyond all conception; and he tells us that such love may be ours if we will only strive and pray for it.

Oh, my dear, when I think of the great favor that has been bestowed upon you I thank the Father with all the capacity that I have. I am so happy! Some day you will be with me and this happiness will be ours together.

Well, dear, this has been a glorious night and I will not mar the happiness that comes to us by attempting to write of anything else. So with all my love and many kisses, I am-

Your own true and loving, Helen



Jesus is as the glory of the noonday sun

A.G. Riddle

I know it is late, but yet I must say that what has been told you is true, and when we speak of the glory of the Master you cannot conceive of what is meant. In your mind think of the dim flame of a candle and the glory of the noon-day sun, and then compare the glory of the greatest thing in all the earth with this glory of the Master, and you will see side by side a dim candle and the glorious sun.

We all know what the divine love of the Father is, but do not appreciate its greatness or wonder until we occasionally see it displayed in and by Jesus.

Go to your prayers in the full belief that this great divine love has been present tonight in amazing abundance, and that you both have had its influence around and in you to a degree that will cause you to feel to some extent the great peace that comes only to the children of light and at Onement with the Father.

Believe that your experience of this night is true, and that it may be yours frequently when your souls are attuned to the inflowing of the love.

I must say goodnight and God bless you with all His influence divine.

I am your brother in Christ, A. G. Riddle