Jesus rapport with Mr. Padgett is now complete

I am here, Jesus;

Well, my brother, I am glad to tell you that your communion with the Father tonight has been responded to. His love has inflowed into your soul in great abundance, and your soul is now filled with it, and the influence of this great love is working in your soul and you realize its presence. If you will meditate and long for and pray to the Father as you have tonight your soul will soon be so filled with this love that you will receive the knowledge that you have a near at-onement with Him, and you will be conscious of the possession of a part of His divinity of which we have written you.

The Pentecostal shower will come to you as it did to my disciples in the days that followed my departing from them, and I will be with you also just as I was with them; and power and essence divine will be bestowed upon you, so that you will be able to display the marvelous presence of this love, just as they were able. So you must pray and long, and your experience tonight has given you some foretaste of what will come to you.

There is nothing in all the world that can take the place of this love in its power to draw you near to and make you at one with the Father. All beliefs and faiths in any and every other thing will not suffice. Sacrifice and sorrow on account of sin and vicarious sufferings and mediators will not work the transformation, because it is solely a conjunction between this divine love and your soul that is capable of bringing you into this relationship to the Father and the resultant consciousness that you have partaken of and possess to some extent His divine nature in love.

Now you are in condition that makes my rapport with you complete, and I have that possession of your brain that enables me to write as I may desire; and I know that I could convey a message to you tonight in a most satisfactory way; but I will not do so for I think it best to permit the rapport to become a little more intense and thus enable me to write a long message without the probability of tiring you; for as you know, these messages of deep truths such as the ones on the soul and God necessarily cause me to draw very intensely on your brain power. But soon now I will come and commence to deliver my messages, and will continue to do so if our rapport can be maintained. And it can be if you will only meditate and pray as you have done tonight.

I now want you to think more than ever of the importance of your work, and of the necessity for you putting all your energies and desires into the work. No one can conceive of what it means, and above all you must realize its great importance and the place that you occupy in carrying it to a successful issue.

I will be with you very often and I know that you will feel my presence and influence. And as you do, turn all your thoughts to the Father's love and let all your longings go to Him.

Tonight I will not write more, but soon will write as I have said. Have faith and know that you have been selected to do the work and that upon you rests the responsibility that is upon no other man. With my love and the Father's blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend, Jesus



The time is now ripe

I am here, John the Baptist;

I come because I want to encourage you to pray more and to believe. The Father's love is waiting for you to fill your soul to its utmost, and the only things required on your part are prayer and faith.

We are all interested in you and want you to get into a condition that will enable you to take the Master's messages as rapidly as possible, for the time is now ripe when they should be given to mankind and started on their work of redeeming people from false beliefs and erroneous doctrines and dogmas.
I, John, tell you this for I can see that people are longing for the truths of God. Such truths as will accord with the reasoning of men who are not biased by erroneous beliefs, either in matters spiritual or material.

I tell you that these truths will be easier for the mere materialist to receive and understand than by those who are bound by the beliefs which the creeds and dogmas of the churches have inculcated. And the acceptance of this new revelation of the truths of God will be by those who have no preconceived ideas of what the nature and relation of man to God, in the spiritual sense is, rather than by the learned theologian and the simple worshiper at the altars of the churches, who believe whatever may be told them by the priest and preachers.

As I was at one time the voice of one crying in the wilderness, I am now the voice of many spirits of God who know that the Master will teach the truths of his Father, and that these truths must be accepted by mortals on earth, and by spirits in the spirit world in order that they may receive that salvation, which the Father has prepared for them, and which when accepted and realized and possessed will fit them to become partakers of the happiness and immortality which the Father has promised them.

I have written you in this manner tonight because I want you to realize more fully and deeply the important work which the Master has selected you to do.

I will stop now.

Your brother in Christ, John the Baptist