God Loves All of His Children. His Love and Care Are Over All,
Even Though Some Are Strangers to His Love and Mercy

I am here, Jesus;

I was with you tonight at the meeting and heard what the preacher said, and he declared some truths. He also said some things that were not true, such as: "Only those who have been converted are sons of God." All men are the children of God. His Love and Care are over all, and they are very dear to Him. Otherwise, He would not have rebestowed His Love upon them and given them the privilege of becoming inhabitants of His Celestial Kingdom.

The mere fact that they are sinners makes them no less His children, whom He is so anxious to redeem and fill with the Divine Love. And when the preacher says, "They who are sinners are not the sons of God," he does not declare the truth; for they are all His sons - some to enjoy the pure life and bliss which the purification of their natural Love will bring to them, and others to enjoy and inhabit the Celestial Kingdom which the New Birth will bring to them. But all are His sons, though some have wandered and become strangers to His Love, just as the prodigal son was who left his Father's house for a far country.

This doctrine of the sinful not being sons of God is a damnable and harmful doctrine, and it will cause many to give up hope of ever becoming anything else than the sons of perdition, or as these orthodox say, of the devil.

The Father's Mercy is for all. If certain of His children do not choose to seek and receive the Divine Love which, when possessed, will make angels of them, yet, they are still His sons. And in the fullness of time, or before the time of the Great Consummation, they will become pure and happy beings, as were the first parents before the fall. And while this preacher has a great amount of the Divine Love in his soul, and is earnestly seeking for more in the right Way, yet his beliefs and teachings as to the destiny and future condition of those who may receive this Love and become at-one with the Father are all wrong. This error will tend to retard his own progress in the development of his soul and in his advancement towards the Kingdom of God.

He is possessed of these beliefs, of course, because of his study and interpretation of some of the declarations of the Bible. Therefore he is not teaching what he does not believe, or what is false to his own conscience. Nevertheless, it is false, and he will have to suffer the consequences of such false belief and teachings.

While his ignorance will not invoke the penalties of the law that applies to the willful deceiver or teacher of false doctrines, yet neither will it excuse him or relieve him from the penalties of that law which demands the truth and only the truth to be believed and taught. He will have to get rid of these false beliefs, even though he may have some of the Divine Love in his soul; for whenever there exists untruth in belief in the heart and soul of man to that extent, it interferes with the inflowing of the Love and the progress of that soul towards perfect unity with the Father.

Truth is a fact of itself. It can have no affiliation with untruth, no matter that untruth is the result of ignorance; for all untruth is the result of ignorance, and must be eradicated from the hearts of men before there can be that harmony between God and man which the very nature of truth itself requires. So, if no man could be the son of God, in not having the perfect harmony which truth absolutely demands, God would have no sons amongst men. The condition of the sinner and that of the man who has experienced the New Birth, differs only in the fact that one has not commenced to have in his soul the Essence of Truth, while the other, to an extent, has that Essence. All may have that Essence, and to a great abundance. Some may never have the Essence of Divine Truth; yet no man will be left without the essence of the truth which leads to the perfect man.

The Truth of the angel existence and the truth of the perfect man are equally truths, though the former is of a higher degree and nature than the other.

Our first parents were the children of God - His Own creatures, good and perfect - and after their fall, they were no less His children; for His Love was so great for them that, in the fullness of perfection of His Plans, He again bestowed upon them the privilege of receiving His Divine Love, and sent me to proclaim the fact and to show men the Way to obtain that Great Love. The death that had existed for all the long centuries was supplanted by Life potential, and I became the Way, the Truth, and the Life; and Immortality became a possibility to men.

So all men are the sons of God in one relation or the other, depending upon, in the one case, whether a man will turn from his sins and be satisfied with the perfection of his natural love and the home that belongs to the perfect man, or whether, in the other, he seeks for the inflowing of the Divine Love into his soul, which will enable him to enter the Divine Heavens and have the certainty of Immortality.

When God rebestowed this Divine Love on man, there was no man in existence, or spirit either, who could have been called His son if, as the preacher said, it was necessary that men or spirits had received this Love and had been converted prior to this rebestowal. None had received this Love, which is the only thing or Power in all God's Universe that can convert a man, dead in trespass and sin, into a Divine angel. Yet God loved all His children. He conferred upon them this Great Gift not because they were converted or sinless, but because they were the children He created and still loved. If God had loved only the righteous, there would have been no one who could have been the object of His Bounty. He would have had no sons or children of His Love.

And now that He has rebestowed this Gift, and some of the sons of men have received and possess It and are more in harmony with Him, it is not true that those who were His sons and children before Its bestowal are any less His sons and children because they may not have sought for and have made this Gift their own. No, the Father's Love is so great and broad and deep that It goes out to all the children of earth and waits upon their call for Its bestowal. But the lost sheep is as much His child as the ninety and nine who are safe in the fold. And although the lost one may never find or enter the fold where those who possess His Divine Love are sheltered, yet that sheep is and remains the object of His Love.

God is Love - and love knows no limitations in its heights or depths. It exists in the highest heavens, and reaches to the lowest hells, and will in its own way and in its own time work its own fulfillment. All men will come into harmony with the Will of the Father, which is perfect. And even though some, and I may say the majority of men, will not accept the invitation to become angels of His Celestial Kingdom, which is not compulsory, yet they do His Will by becoming, in the future, near or far, free from the sin and error of their own creation, and as pure and perfect as they were when first created and pronounced "Good" by the Father.

Man's greatest enemy to man is he who, having received the assurance of possessing the Divine Love and thereby becoming, as it were, a Divine son of the Father, and who believes in the errors of the Bible and the misinterpretations of its Truths, declares that all others of mankind are "hated" of God, are objects of His "wrath," and are certain of eternal damnation and everlasting torment.

It is deplorable that such beliefs and such declarations should exist and continue to be made, especially on the part of those who undertake to lead the masses in the Way to God's Truths and Plans for men's happiness, and toward redemption from the evils and sins that cause them so much suffering.

But all this shows the power and blindness of belief founded upon error and untruthful teachings. And strange as it may seem, these leaders of the ignorant may have some of the Divine Love in their souls. Yet their mental and intellectual beliefs are so fixed and unmovable that even the possession of this Love will not permit them to understand that the Father's Love is for all, and that wrath is not a part of His Being, but is actually a quality of sinful man that these believers in error attribute to Him.

If God may be said to hate anything, He hates sin; but He Loves the sinner who is the creature of His Will, and who is so unfortunate as to have created that which defiles him, and which causes him to wander away, not only from the Father, but also from his own perfect and pure creation.

Well, I have written enough for tonight, and I hope that what I have said may prove beneficial not only to the sinner, but also to the man, preacher, or layman who, possessing some of the Divine Love, proclaims that only he or others like him are the sons of God.

As Paul said, "They see through a glass darkly, but then they shall see face to face"; and when they do, they will see such evidences and manifestations of the Father's Love that they will know that they and their sinning brothers are all sons of the Father, although one may be an heir to the Celestial Kingdom and the Divine Essence of the Father, while the other may be an heir only to the pure natural love and perfect manhood which the so-called "Adam" possessed before his fall.

I must stop now, but in doing so, will say that you must not let what any of these orthodox believers may say disturb your faith in our communications; for they know only what the Bible tells them, and you know the Truths that we declare.

I will soon come and write you a message of truth that I have been waiting some time to write. Believe that I love you and am with you, praying for you and helping you with my influence.

Good night, and may the Father bless you.

Your brother and friend,