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06 Aug 2016
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TOPIC: When someone dies, it's not RIP

When someone dies, it's not RIP 1 year 1 month ago #7900

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Yesterday, I learned of the passing of my cousin. Two minutes later, I learned of the passing of a television star. Since my cousin was in no way famous, I don't believe he received any media coverage, but the TV star did - Alan Thicke,RIP. May God bless them both on their spiritual journeys.

When I see the headlines with RIP (rest in peace), I think to myself..."Oh wow, are those people uninformed."

The only thing resting in peace - if a person is buried - is the skeleton, organs and physical body. This dead physical body will never be brought back to life. The end has come for it's earthly existence... never to be revived and brought back to life.

On the other hand... after death, our spirit body (with our soul encased therein) arises from our physical body and passes over to the spirit world (the Heavens). This becomes our new life and where our spiritual journey either begins... or continues as the case may be for those of us who have started it already here on earth.

So rather than writing RIP after a person "dies," what would be a better announcement. I'll try to think of more later, but here's one for me when it's my turn to go.

Joan Warden, Up,Up and Away!


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When someone dies, it's not RIP 1 year 1 month ago #7901

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The prospects of death is very exciting but then again this is morbid, forbidden territory for most to talk about. Many see death as something to avoid and the unlucky soul that has just died is a tragedy. Death is a friend for most as they lose an ailing body, worn out and useless and discover their spirit body with full function and pain free. What a liberating feeling to be detached from the physical body and still have consciousness and a spirit body that is vibrant and whole. Yep, this earth plane is but a short stop in our greater destiny played out in the spirit world. Thanks Joan for talking about the forbidden word; death......a friend to all.
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