Mr. Padgett's grandmother encourages Mr. Padgett to press forward to the goal.
Refers to the great love of Jesus and that he is still praying for more


I am your grandmother.

Let me write a few lines tonight, as I have been listening to your conversation with some interest, and I desire to say a few words that may encourage you Jesus in the streetboth to press forward to the goal which you have before you - a home in the Celestial Heavens and the acquirement of a nature Divine, which only those who know the way can obtain, by following the way that the Master has so lovingly taught you.

You will not be disappointed in your efforts, for when you long for the Love and receive portions of it, every experience of that kind will help you to get more and create in you increasing desires.

You must not think that it is possible to obtain this Love in its fullness, and then permit your longings to decrease, whenever you feel that the Love has come to you in wonderful abundance, for I must tell you that we in the Celestial Heavens know and realize that there is always more beyond what we obtain; even the Master prays to the Father for an increase of this Love in his soul.

And if you could see the evidence of the Love that he possesses, as we see it, you would probably think that nothing more could be obtained, or that there was any greater amount to be obtained; and with us, this fact of the endlessness of this Love is that which keeps us always striving, and consequently, happy, because in realizing our experiences in our progress, and how each successive stage of that progress has brought us greater and greater happiness, we know - I say know, that what is beyond must mean a greater happiness and a nearer approach to the Father, Himself.

So I say, let not your strivings in the slightest particular decrease and you will find that increased happiness will be yours.

I will stop now, and with my love to you both will say good night.
Your loving grandmother, Ann Rollins.