Elizabeth, cousin of Mary--Mother of Jesus.
The work that Mr. Padgett is doing, which is the real second coming of Jesus.


I am here, Elizabeth.

Let me say a word, and that is, that you are a very happy man just now, and so you should be, for as the Master said you have much of the love in your soul tonight. You may not fully realize this fact, but the influence and effect of its presence will manifest themselves, and you will find coming to you that wonderful peace of which the Master has told you.

For a moment, think that there is nothing between you and the Father, and that as regards your longings and His love they are face to face, and no mediator intervenes, or can intervene. Only the Father's love and you, alone. Think of this, and you will realize not only what a wonderful thing the Divine Love is, but what a wonderful thing your soul is that it can become so in nearness and in Love with the Father.

This is the only way of becoming at-one with Him, and everything besides is inefficacious to bring about the great transformation, of which the higher spirits have written you. So many spirits are engaged in this great work, which is the real second coming of Jesus--and which means the second coming of the love and mercy and privilege of receiving the Love--and if you could only for a moment with your physical vision see those who are present, you would never doubt the work that you are to do, and the great responsibility that rests upon you. But as you cannot in this way see, you must believe without seeing, and let no doubt of the fact enter into your faith.

I thought that I must write this tonight, for we see your condition, and many are here with you praying to the Father for a great bestowal of His love upon you.

So consider what has been written you tonight, and meditate and long for and pray the Father, and you will be greatly blessed.

With my love, I will say good night. Your sister in Christ, ELIZABETH.

Well, it has been so long since I heard or used the name that it was a little difficult to recall and formulate it.
Names are of the things that we forget in a short time after being in our Celestial homes, unless there is some special reason for recalling them.