Divine Love Casteth Out All Fear


I am here. St. Andrew.

I came to tell you that where love is, there can be no sin or unhappiness, and fear is not.

We, who live in the Celestial Spheres, know this to be a fact, and with all the force and authority that knowledge gives, we declare this truth unto you tonight, the love that casteth out all fear is the Divine Love of the Father, and when a spirit obtains that, there exists no such thing as fear, and nothing that could create or permit fear to exist.

God wants the souls of men in love and not in fear, and the only way in which such end can be accomplished, is for men to see and know Him, as God of love only. No man can come to the Father except through this New Birth and faith in the Father's love.

The performance of duty, good works and mere faith, while they will all help man in the development of his moral character and qualities, yet, they will not give him an entrance into the Celestial Heavens, which are the heavens where Jesus rules and is the Prince, unless the spirit shall obtain this Divine Love which makes it a part of the Father's very essence of Divinity.

Many spirits are happy by reason of their having lead good, moral lives on earth and because of a high development of their natural love, and realize that God is their Father, and watches over them and gives them many blessings; but this happiness is not that which comes with the possession of the Divine Love, and besides the place of habitation of these spirits is limited, and does not permit these spirits to have free access to all the spheres, where God's goodness and care are manifested.

The spirits who have obtained this Divine Love have no limitation to the spheres in which they may progress, and are not restricted in their places of habitation, or in the spheres in which they may live. And besides, the presence and glory of the Father are so much greater in these Celestial Spheres, than in those where the mere natural love obtains.

I must not write more tonight, for you are commencing to tire.

So with all my love I will say,

Your brother in Christ, St Andrew