Josephus affirms that Jesus is a true son of God, and lived on earth and was crucified 
I am Josephus,
I am the Jewish historian and now a Christian. You are not a man to let alone. I mean that I must write some of my knowledge of the things of those Jesus in the synagogueancient days, for I see that you are selected to do a great work and I want to contribute to the truth of Jesus' life on earth. He lived just before I wrote, but I had heard of him many times, and I know that he was a real existing being. In my history of the Jews I mentioned him, and when the learned say that what is there said is interpolated, they say what is not true; for he did live and taught in Palestine as the New Testament claims.
I never met him, but the wonders of his works were circulated all over the country and caused much agitation on the part of the leaders of the Jews. I never wrote much about him, because we all looked upon him as a mere agitator and destroyer of our religion, and to such we never gave much notoriety in our writings. But this same Jesus of Nazareth lived as a man and was crucified by the Romans at the clamor of the Jews. I want to tell you this, because it is claimed that he never lived on earth.
I am a follower of him, and believe in his teachings and have received the New Birth that he taught. I live in the Celestial Heavens where only his followers live. He was the true son of God, and his mission was to show men the way to God's Love and to declare the rebestowal of the Divine Love. I tell you that this is the most important truth in all the heavens, except this, that God is Love. These two constitute the hope of mankind and furnish the means by which man may acquire immortality.
Without this New Birth, men will remain merely men, and will not partake of the Divine Love, and the home in the Celestial Spheres. I say this, because I know from experience what this New Birth means, and from observation, that those who have never received it cannot enter these Spheres. So man must believe this great truth. Many Jews have become believers since becoming inhabitants of the spirit world, but the large majority of the inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens are those whom we called Gentiles. God had not chosen people in the sense that He designed to save any particular nation in preference to all others. He knows no preference. All are His children, and the great gift is for all who ask for it in faith.
I must not write more tonight, but with your permission will come again. Vespasian is a Christian now, but he never was while on earth, notwithstanding that it was said that he was. He continued a pagan as long as he lived, but he knew something of the Christian teachings; and after he had been in the spirit world a considerable time he received the light and was born again. He is in the Celestial Heavens and a follower of the Master. So you see, many Jews and Gentiles and pagans who rejected the Master and his teachings on earth have, since becoming spirits, had the opportunity, and embraced it, of becoming partakers of the Divine Love and followers of the Master.
Well, you may be surprised to know that Herod is also a Christian. But no pen can portray the sufferings that he had to undergo. Oh the long years of repentance and torment and darkness! His experience was a hell indeed. But the Love and mercy of the Father were even sufficient for his redemption; and among all the spirits of our Celestial Heavens, none are more humble and meek than is this same Herod. His life, voluntarily assumed, is one of service and devotion to the Master. I think that his love for the Master is so great, that even he cannot appreciate it. I will, with all my love and earnestness, accept your invitation, for the work is of the greatest importance and the time is ripe. Oh what an awakening there will be when the truths of God, which the Master is communicating through you, shall come to the knowledge and consciousness of mankind.
I am your brother in Christ, and a fellow worker and so I will say with all my love and best wishes – good night,