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Many Ancient Spirits Continue to Worship God, As They Did When on Earth


I am here, Esau, son of Isaac

I was the son of Isaac, and the brother of Jacob, and the one whom the Jews regarded as having sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. But I was misrepresented in this regard, as I did only that which necessity compelled me to do.

But all that is long past. I am now an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens, for all things are made right in the world of spirits. And I became a possessor of the Divine Love, after I had received knowledge of its rebestowal, at the coming of Jesus.

Many of the characters of the Old Testament have never yet realized this great transformation because, in their conception of self-righteousness, they are content in that conception. They worship God as they did on earth, although they have ceased to offer sacrifices of animals (because they have none in spirit life to offer). Yet they still have the belief that sacrifice is necessary, and in their imaginations, they offer what is symbolic of the offerings that they made in the earth life.

(Mr. Padgett interrupted to ask a question.)

Yes, that is quite a natural supposition, but you must know that the mind and beliefs of mortals continue with them when they become spirits. Their beliefs will not permit them to be convinced of the errors of their conceptions of Deity, and many of these spirits of old, are in that condition now. They refuse to believe, or even listen to, the truths of existence and their relationship to God, just as they did when on earth.

They have eyes, but they see not; and ears, but they hear not. And enveloped in the darkness of their beliefs, they decline to let in the light, or to permit the truths that are so apparent to others to illuminate their souls. A mind that is shut in by bigotry and intolerance is just as persistent after the mortal becomes a spirit, even though a change in its surroundings (what you might call its physical existence), and in its possibilities for learning the truth, has occurred. Many of these spirits, therefore, absolutely refuse to recognize any change or possibility of change in their spiritual condition.

It is not surprising that you may not understand how it is possible, that these spirits of the kind mentioned could live all this great period of years, as you estimate time, in this condition, surrounded by spirits who have found the Truth, and who display that possession in their appearances and happiness (and especially by some of their old associates who have entered into the light), and yet not be influenced by these appearances and the experiences of these associates. Nevertheless, it is true. And the difficulty of converting these bigoted spirits, seems to grow the greater as they advance in their progression of mind and natural love.

They are happy in a relative sense, and content in their estimate that they could not conceive of any other belief or cause of progress, that could bring greater happiness to them. Besides, they are firmly convinced that they are doing the Will of God in their manner of worship and in their symbolic sacrifices. These ancient spirits, as you call them, but who are young, as compared to many in the Spiritual Spheres, have their synagogues and temples of worship. They also have their rabbis and servants and worshipers according to their old beliefs. And the ceremonies attending their gatherings for worship are very little different from what they were on earth.

They have all their vestments and attire and other accompaniments that distinguished them on earth from the common people. They say their prayers in public and delight in appearing as holy spirits, the specially chosen of God, just as they did on earth. And as they are developing more and more in their natural love, and taking on the condition of perfection, so far as the perfection of the first parents as they existed before the fall is concerned, they may remain in this condition of belief as to their relationship to God, and as to their proper and only way to worship Him, throughout all eternity.

They decline to receive the knowledge of the Truth of the New Birth. And as that is a thing that is optional with them, and Its rejection does not prevent them from becoming the perfect man, as you have had explained to you, they think that there is no absolute necessity that they should be born again in order to enable, a restoration of the harmony of that condition and relationship that they may have with the Father. Of course, until the day of the Consummation of the Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres, they will have the opportunity to become recipients of the Divine Love, and transformed into redeemed angels. But it is doubtful if very many of them will ever elect to accept this great privilege.

I am glad that I could write to you tonight, as it is a new experience with me, but one that gives me great satisfaction. And I will come again, if agreeable to you, and write further.

In closing, I wish to say that I know the difference between the spirit who has the Divine Love in his soul, and one who has not, and that the mere time of a spirit's existence in the spirit world, does not necessarily indicate that the spirit possesses the Divine Love.
As Jesus said when on earth, "the first shall be last, and the last shall be first." And I may add that some will never be first or last, but only the reminders of what might have been.

I will not write more.

Your brother in Christ,  Esau