Celestial Angels and Spirits Messages

The Importance of Knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom.
Divine Love Comes Only in Response to the Soul's Longings


I am here, Your grandmother

You are now in condition to receive our messages, and I wish to write for a while on the importance of knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom. We have written to you of this before, but I wish to add to what you have received. You have been told that the only Way to obtain that Kingdom is by the Divine Love coming into your soul, and changing it into a Divine thing which partakes of the very Essence of the Father, Himself. Well, this is a correct explanation of the operation of this Love on the soul; but in order to get this Love, there must be earnest supplication on the part of the seeker.

A mere mental desire for the inflowing of the Love will not suffice.

This is a matter that pertains to the soul, alone; and the mind is not involved, except, as you might say, to start the soul's longings and prayer. When you think that you are longing for this Love, and have a mere mental desire for its inflowing, the Love will not come - because it never responds to the mere mind, but must always be sought for by the soul's longings. Many men have the intellectual desire for the Love of God, and they rest upon that desire.

They believe that they have the Love, and that there is nothing further for them to do; but they will find themselves mistaken. Instead of possessing this Love, they have only awakened the natural love and, in a way, started it towards its goal of the purified soul that the first parents enjoyed before their fall. But they will not experience the transformation that comes with the possession of the Divine Love.

It is no easy matter to have these longings possess the soul. And men should not remain satisfied with these mere mental desires, for they will not be benefited by such desires, except, as I may say, in the way of having their natural love purified. The longings of the soul come only from a realization that this Love is waiting to be bestowed, and that the soul must become active and earnest in its endeavor to have this Love come into it. Then the transformation takes place.

You will see from this how utterly impossible it is for mere devotees of the church to experience this Love. The longings of the soul are not aroused by the observance of the church's sacraments and the duties which they impose. They may be ever so zealous in their attendance upon the church services, and in their complying strictly with its prescribed requirements; however, it is all a mental process with them - the soul is not affected. They may think that their desires are from the soul and that a response will come, but they are mistaken in this; the soul remains unaffected. Only when the soul's longings are started into activity are prayers of the worshiper answered.

So you will see that a man may be apparently devout, and full of zeal for his church and the teachings of his creed; yet he will not be benefitted insofar as the progress of the soul is concerned. Let not your desires originate from only the intellect, but try to bring the longings of the soul into being. And do not rest satisfied until a response shall come - as it will certainly come - and you will know that the Love is present and working Its transforming power upon the soul.

This is all I desire to say tonight. I am pleased that you are now in condition to receive our messages, and I hope that your excellent condition will continue.

With my love, I will say good night.

Your loving grandmother, Ann Rollins

How all mankind can become Divine Angels, and how erroneous beliefs prevent this consummation


I am here, Your Grandmother

I will tell you to-night of a truth that may be of interest to you, and I know that it is of importance to all who may long for happiness in the future life.

As you know, I am now in the Celestial Spheres, in a place higher than the third Celestial Sphere, and where are no special lines of demarcation separating it from what you may call the higher planes.

In my plane, the inhabitants are those who have received the Divine Love in their souls, to an extent that makes them know that they are of a nature that is Divine and in at-onement with that of the Father. Of course, those who have entered the first Celestial Sphere have the knowledge of having partaken of the divine nature, but they are not so filled with this love as we are who live in the sphere that I am in.

It is not possible for me to tell you of the extent of our happiness, because you have no words in your language that can possibly, convey a faint conception of this happiness, and I will not attempt to describe it; but if you will combine all the emotions of joy and happiness which you have received or experienced in all the years of your life, you would not be able to realize the meaning of our happiness in the faintest degree.

I merely recite this truth to show to you and all mankind what is possible for you and them to obtain, if you will only pursue the course that the Father has provided, and the Master has pointed out in his messages to you.

The great instrument that causes this great happiness is love, and by this I mean the Divine Love of which we have so often written, and without which it is impossible for a soul to obtain this condition, or to become a dweller in the Celestial Heavens.

Man, as you have been instructed, was not created with this Love, and could only obtain it by his own longings and aspirations being exercised in the way that the Father had provided - in no other way could these desires for this love be realized. But the great pity is that, the first of the human race declined, or rather refused to pursue this way, and thought that they were wise enough to know a better way; and in attempting to pursue this way brought about their own fall and the loss of the privilege of obtaining this Love; and in all the long years until the coming of Jesus, no man, after the first created, had the privilege, and hence, it was not possible for them to find any greater happiness than that which might come from their natural love.

At the coming of Jesus, men again had bestowed upon them this great privilege, and a possibility of the knowledge of the way in which the privilege could be exercised. This was not declared to all men, for the territory in which Jesus taught and proclaimed this important truth was very limited, and the great majority of men died without knowing that this gift had been rebestowed. But God in His goodness and love, did not restrict the bestowal of this love to those who might be fortunate enough, to learn of it from Jesus and his apostles, but sent His Holy Spirit to implant it in the souls of all men who might be in such condition of soul aspiration, and longing as to permit this Love to enter their souls.

When spirits became possessed of this knowledge, they commenced the work of trying to influence men in such a way, that there arose in them a longing for a closer unity with God, and an opening up of the soul perceptions, and as a result many men, in various parts of the world, received this Love in their souls without knowing that it was this Divine Love; but it was, and when these men in their spirit forms entered the spirit world, they soon found that, to some extent, they were possessed of this Love, and it was not difficult for them to listen to the explanations and teachings of those spirits who had received it, as to the truth of its existence.

Now all this may not appear to be of much importance to present man, and hardly worth attention, but my great object in writing in this manner is to show that God had no special or peculiar people, and that it was not even necessary that all peoples should learn from Jesus the fact of this gift, for in such a case, the great majority of mankind could not possibly have heard of this Love while they were yet mortals. No, this was not a necessity, but the knowledge which came to mortals through Jesus enabled them, who possessed it and believed, to the more readily pursue the way to obtaining this Love.

Many spirits had received the benefit of the rebestowal of this Love, or rather the privilege of seeking for and obtaining it, before Jesus came to the spirit world, yet they understood that the greater extent of the possession of this Love was in Jesus; and no spirit now possesses it to the degree that he does.

But whether the souls of mortals or spirits received the knowledge of this truth from Jesus, or from the workings of the Holy Spirit in its ministrations, they all know that the seeking for and getting this Divine Love, are the only means by which the soul may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens.

I realize that what I have written conflicts with the orthodox belief, that it is only through the death, and blood, of Jesus that men can be saved from their sins and become children of God and at one with Him.

If this belief were true, then by Jesus' sacrifice all men would be saved, irrespective of their obtaining this Divine Love, or only those would be saved who had heard of Jesus and accepted him as their saviour. Neither of these propositions is true, for without this Divine Love entering into the soul of a man, it would be impossible for him to partake of the divine nature of the Father, and become fitted to occupy a home in the Celestial Spheres. This love in the soul, whether it is a result of the workings of God's ministering spirits, causing a real soul longing, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, makes the man of a nature divine, and a redeemed child of God.

Now from what I have said it must not be inferred that the mission of Jesus, and his work on earth and in the spirit world are not the great things connected with man's redemption, for they are. It was not until Jesus' coming that this Great Gift was rebestowed, and it was not until his declaring this fact and teaching the Great Truth of the New Birth, could either mortals or spirits receive this privilege. The ministering spirits could not influence the souls of men to seek for the inflowing of this Divine Love, until they had first received it themselves, and understood its existence; and here let me declare a fact, that when Jesus preached to mortals on earth the necessity for the Second Birth, myriads of spirit beings heard these teachings and became possessed of this knowledge.

And to-day, men are attended by hosts of spirits of all kinds, and the sayings and teachings of men are heard by more spirits than men, and the influence of such teachings has its effect upon spirits as upon men, for the spirits of men which are existing in the earth planes are the same spirits substantially, that they were when on earth, and an earthly friend frequently has more influence upon them, than do other spirits no matter how high their condition may be.

I am so happy to be able to write you again, and let you know that I have not forsaken you.

I am with you quite often and am trying to help you. Pray more to the Father, and exercise more faith and you will grow in soul development and happiness.

I will not write more now.

So with all my love and blessings, I am Your Grandmother, Ann Rollins

Religion, is the relationship and harmony of men's souls with the Soul of God.
Difference in the results of the teachings of the various churches

Let me write a line, Luke.

I was with you tonight at the church and listened to what the preacher said in reference to religions and their point of contact, and was some what surprised at his declarations, as to the analogy which he drew between the believers in the various so-called Christian religions.

While, as you know, there is implanted in the souls of men, a longing for that which tends to elevate and spiritualize them, even though this longing may not be consciously present with a large number of them; yet the beliefs as to the ways in which this longing may be made manifest, and develop the spiritual nature of the soul, are very different among those professing these various religions, and the ways are not equally efficacious in causing their spiritual development.

Religion is a matter of soul and not of intellect, and the greater the development of the soul in the right direction, the higher will be the spiritual state or condition of the soul. Mere intellectual belief, no matter how intense and undoubting, will not tend to bring about this spiritual development, for "religion is really nothing but the relationship and harmony of men's souls with the Soul of God."
The mind will not be sufficient to create this state because the mind of man cannot possibly bring into harmony the Soul of the Creator and that of the creature. Mind in its exercise may tend to awaken the soul to this possibility of relationship, but only the workings of the soul can effectuate the complete unity of the Creator and the created. Only soul can speak to soul, and mind is only a helper, provided the soul is alive in its longings.

So it is apparent that that form of belief which is wholly of the intellect can have no common meeting place with that belief which is the result of the development of the soul; and hence, to say that men of all the various religions, just because they are what are called Christians, are in an equal relationship to the Father, is erroneous and misleading.

As regards the condition of man as the perfect man, these several religions may tend to bring about this state of perfection, if the moral precepts which they teach are observed and practiced by men. But as regards man as the Divine Angel; that is, as a spirit having in itself the Essence of the Divine, only that religion which teaches the true way to acquire this Divinity can lead men to the at-onement with the Father in His very nature. There can be, in this respect, only one true religion, and only one way in which that religion can be practiced and possessed; and to say that all religions have a common point of approach, is misleading and deceiving.

I know that among these various religions, there are individuals who have found the way to the method of becoming transformed into the Divine nature of the Father, and this notwithstanding, that the teachings and creeds of the several churches do not show the way to this soul development into the spiritual of the Divine. But in these churches there is wanting, in their dogmas and doctrines, that which will help men to this true religion.

Because it may be found that in the churches there are some who have, to a degree, this Divine spirituality, there is no justification in saying that there is any common place of meeting in these several religions. Of course the moral precepts may be and are taught by all the Christian churches, and when observed, will ultimately lead all men to the condition of the perfect natural man, and only to this extent can it be said that they may have a common ground of religion, arising from the belief in the moral teachings.

And the church which declares and teaches as its religion with great exactness and more enlarged comprehension is the church in which this, as I may call it, natural religion exists; and the more dissimilar these churches are in these teachings the farther apart is their approach. If a preacher of one church knows, with the conviction that arises from his sincere and honest investigation of the moral laws, that some other church is not teaching or insisting on the observation on the part of its members of these great moral truths, then he has no right to conclude and say this latter church is the possessor of religion, as is the church in which these moral truths are taught and followed by its adherents.

It is a mistake for a preacher to say that because there may be good and spiritual men in all churches, therefore, one church is as good and religious in its teachings as another church. Truth is of such a nature that it cannot be compromised, and the man or preacher who would compromise the truth, is not fulfilling his duty to God or man.

The church which teaches that there is nothing greater than morality, and that man can become no more transcendent than the perfect man, is devoid of the truth and would not be accepted as a teacher of the full truth, as should the church which knows and teaches the way by which man may become a Divine Angel.

That the preachers of the various churches, should accept as equal and the possessors of the true religion whenever these moral lessons are alike taught by these churches, and have a common point of approach, is not to be wondered at, because these preachers do not know the higher religion, or are able to teach the way to the same. And when it is understood that a moral truth is a truth no matter where it may appear and by whom taught, there is some justification in declaring that all churches which teach the moral truths are on a plane of equality, and that one is entitled to as much respect and freedom from criticism as another.
And further, as the great truth of the rebestowal of the potentiality of receiving the Divine Love, and the effect on men's souls, was never known and taught until the coming of the Master, it is not surprising that none of the churches can or do teach this great spiritual truth, and the only true religion arising therefrom.

The knowledge of this truth perished from the earth a short time after the passing of the Master, and hence no church can teach this religion of the soul that transforms the mortal into the Divine.

The religion of the perfect man may exist in varying degrees in all the Christian churches, but the religion of the Divine Angel exists in none, although some individuals of these churches, to some extent, have received in their souls the great truth - the Divine Love - even though they have no intellectual knowledge of the same.

I thought it advisable to make these few remarks on the declaration of the preacher, as showing that his broad assertion that the religions mentioned, which to him is all embracing, may have a common meeting point with every religion.

When he learns the truth, he will realize the errors of his human and brotherly declarations.

I will not write more.
Good night, and God bless you.

Your brother in Christ, Luke

Ann Rollins' experience in seeking, the Divine Love of God,
she also gives a short description of Jesus

I am here, your Grandmother.

I am happier than I can tell you. I am living in my home of which I told you a few nights ago, and it is a beautiful home beyond the possibility of description.

Tonight, I want to tell you of my experience in seeking, the Love of God, and in realizing that He is my Father, who loves me with a Love that knows no shadow of wavering or cessation.

I was not always filled with faith, or believed so implicitly in prayer, but in my early married life, I received the conviction that if I would be happy in life, and fitted to receive the blessings which the Bible promised to those, who should seek the Lord and his Love, I must see the necessity of seeking; and I, with all the earnestness of my nature, commenced seeking for the Father's Love, and as a result I found it, and with it a great happiness and peace.

You know what my spiritual condition was in my later years on earth, and how my faith was such that, although I was nearly deaf and blind, yet I was happy and joyful. Well, when I came to the spirit world, I brought that faith and love with me, and I found that it was just as real here as it had been on earth. Of course, in some of my beliefs I was mistaken, such as my belief that Jesus was God, and that his death and blood saved or could save me from sin and damnation; but notwithstanding my mistakes in these particulars, my love for the Father was not interfered with, and I continued to live in that love and was happy.

I had not been in the spirit world a great while, before spirits of a higher order than myself came to me, and told me many wonderful things of the Father's Kingdom, and that my progress to the higher spheres would depend upon my receiving, more of this Divine Love in my soul and becoming more at-one with the Father.

The first time I saw Jesus was after I had been in the third sphere a short while, and when I met him he impressed me as being the most beautiful and loving spirit that I had ever seen; and when he told me that he was Jesus, I, of course, was somewhat surprised, because I had believed that he was sitting in the heavens on the right hand of God, as I had been taught on earth to believe.

And when he saw my surprise, he looked on me with a wonderful love, and said that I must not further believe that he was God, or even a part of Him, or that he was in the high heavens accepting the worship of men, for he was only a spirit as I was, and was still working among mortals as well as spirits to lead them into the light and the way to the Father's Love.

At first, I confess, it was difficult for me to believe this, and I had my doubts; but his manner of talking to me and the wonderful love that he displayed, not only for me but for all mankind, soon convinced me that he was the true Jesus and not an imposter. And afterwards, I met many spirits who knew him and had been his followers for many years, and they told me that he was the Jesus of the Bible, and I could not do anything else but believe. And now, after my long years of association with him and feeling his ministrations of love and the influence of his greatness, I know that he is the true Jesus, who by his teachings and overwhelming love saves men from their sins, by showing them the way to the Father's Kingdom. So my dear son, do not doubt what I tell you now in reference to this matter, or what I have already told you.

Well, it is somewhat difficult to describe his appearance, but I will try. He is of a commanding figure, as you say on earth. His features are regular, and his eyes are of a deep blue, almost a purple blue, with such depths of love in them that under its influence you almost forget to note the color of his eyes. The hair is a beautiful brown, worn long and parted in the middle so that it falls over his shoulders. His nose is straight and somewhat long, with nostrils very refined and showing the artistic elements in his nature. His other features are in keeping with those I have described. He wears a beard quite long and very silky and brown like his hair. His manner is grace itself and modesty personified, and yet in him is the intensity of feeling which can show itself in just indignation when the occasion requires. And yet with all the great beauty of his person and the greater love of his soul showing itself, he is very humble - more so than any spirit I have seen.

I have given you a bare outline of his appearance, and you will never fully realize in your mind's eye, just what his appearance is; and only when you come over and meet him, will you fully understand the appearance of the most wonderful and beautiful and loving spirit in all God's universe.

Some day this will happen; and you will not have the doubts that I had, and your heart will go out to him from the first moment of your meeting. My dear son, it is a greater privilege than you can appreciate, to be thus prepared to meet your friend and teacher; for he is your friend to a degree that is beyond what I thought, he would ever be while you are on earth.

So you see, my experience was a somewhat exceptional one, and one secret of its being so is that I received very great faith and the Love of my Father - while on earth.

While the teachings of many preachers are that the earth is the only place of probation, and that teaching is not correct; yet if it were believed more, and mankind should prepare their future in view of that belief, many a man, when he becomes a spirit, would avoid experiences that are very unpleasant and retard his progress in the spirit world. Of course, such a belief (that the earth is the only place of probation) when the mortal fails to make the preparation, will work him great injury after he becomes a spirit; because such a belief is difficult to get rid of, and as long as it lasts the spirit is very apt to believe that his status is fixed forever, and hence he will not progress until he accepts the truth.

So you see after all, the only good belief is a belief in the truth, which never changes.

Probation is not confined to the earth life but is with man and spirits alike. In fact it never ends, for each preceding condition of a spirit is nothing more than a probationary condition to what follows. But the great probationary condition, undoubtedly, is that which exists for the mortal while on earth; and if that probation is accepted and made the most of, the spirit of man gains an advantage which is beyond my ability to describe.

Sometimes men do not attempt to take all the advantage of this probation on earth, and come to the spirit world in all their material thoughts and sins, with their souls dead, as Jesus said, and find that in such condition, as spirits, they have a more difficult time to awaken from such condition and progress; and I am informed that some spirits have been in this world for many many years and have not yet had an awakening.

So you must see the importance of taking advantage of the earth probation.

Well dear son, I have written a great deal and must stop now, though I should like to write you a much longer time.

So with all my love I will close, and sign myself

Your loving Grandmother, Ann Rollins