The Divine Love of God. The Father is all Goodness, Love, Truth, Forgiveness and Kindness.

The Divine Love of the Father and
the New Birth of the Soul

I am here, Jesus;   

God is a God of Love, and no man can come to Him unless he receives the Love of the Father in his soul.
As men are inclined to sin and error and the Sermon on the mountviolation of God's Laws, they can be redeemed from sin by obtaining this Love; and that can be obtained only through prayer and faith in the willingness of God to bestow this Love upon whosoever may ask for It. I do not mean that there must be "formal" prayers, or compliance with any church creeds or dogmas.

The prayer that is efficacious is that which emanates from the soul and earnest aspirations of a man.

So let men know that unless they have the real soul longings for this Love, it will not be given to them. No mere intellectual desires will suffice. The intellect is not that faculty in man that unites him to God, only the soul is made in the likeness of the Father, and unless this likeness is perfected by a filling of the soul with the Divine Love of the Father, the likeness is never complete. Love is the One Great Thing in God's economy of real existence. Without it, all would be chaos and unhappiness; but where it exists harmony and happiness also exist.  .....

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How a Soul must receive the Divine Love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and the Truth concerning the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God

I am here, Jesus;

I desire to write you on the subject "How a soul must receive the divine love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the celestial kingdom of God Attending Jesusand realize that immortality of which I have written you."

In the first place, it must be understood that the divine love of the Father is an entirely distinct kind of love from the love which the Father bestowed upon man at the time of His creation, and which man has possessed in a more or less condition of purity ever since that time.

This divine love was never conferred upon man as a perfect and completed gift, either at the time of his creation or since my coming to earth, but as a gift which is waiting for man's own efforts and aspirations to obtain, and without which it can never become his, although it is always close to him waiting to answer his call.

Then understanding what this love is, and that man must seek for it and what the effect upon the soul of man is, it becomes very important that man should make the obtaining of it the one great object of his aspirations and desires, for when he possesses it to a degree that makes him at-One with the Father he ceases to be a mere man and becomes of a nature of soul existence, that makes him divine with many qualities of the Father, the chief of which is of course this love, and also causes him to absolutely realize the fact of his immortality.

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The Power of Divine Love to Redeem Men from Sin and Error

I am here, Jesus;
I want to write tonight on the power of divine love to redeem men from sin and error.

My Father's love is, as I have written, the only thing in all this universe that can save men and make them at-One with Him. This divine love I have already explained, and when mankind will read my messages and try to understand the meaning of this love, it will soon become more at peace with itself and with God.

This divine love is the one great power that moves the universe, and without it there would not be that wonderful harmony that exists in the celestial heavens of the spirit world, nor would so much happiness exist among the angels who inhabit these spheres.

This divine love is also the influence which makes men on earth think and do that which makes for peace and good will among men. It is not possessed by all men, in fact, by comparatively few, yet its influence is felt over nearly the whole earth. Even those who have never heard of my teachings or of my Father enjoy the benefit of its influence in some kind of belief or faith in an overshadowing spirit of great power and watchfulness.

I know that this is true, for I have visited all parts of the earth and have looked into men's hearts and found in them some elements of belief which evidenced that this great love was influencing these unenlightened people. So notwithstanding the fact that my gospel is not preached to every creature as I commanded when on earth, yet this love of the Father is everywhere and all-pervading. Still it is not received in all that fullness that enables those who feel its influence to realize that God is their Father, and they are His children and may become members of His household in the celestial spheres.

No man can receive this love unless he has faith in the Father's willingness to bestow it upon him, and truly and with earnestness prays for it.

Every man has in him the natural love which will give him great happiness in eternity as a mere spirit and an inhabitant of the spheres lower than the celestial, even though he refuses to seek for the divine love that will make him a divine angel in the celestial heavens.

Only this divine love can change the natural man into a man having the divine nature in love that the Father has. I do not mean that man, even though he be filled with this love to the highest degrees, will ever become a god and equal to the Father in any of His powers or attributes. This cannot be. But this love will make him like the Father in love and happiness and harmony.

This love has no counterpart in all creation and comes from the Father alone. It changes not nor is ever bestowed on anyone who refuses to seek for it in the only way provided by the Father.

My experience in these celestial heavens is that this love has the power to change the most hardened sinner into a true child of God, if only through faith and prayer such sinner will seek for it. Let this love take possession of a man or spirit and its power to purify and change the heart of that man or spirit never fails. I am in a condition of love that enables me to know that my Father's love is the only love that can redeem mankind and make it at-One with Him.

So you must understand, that this divine love is a love that has no counterpart in all the universe and must be received by man in all its fullness, in order for him to attain to the celestial spheres where the Father's fountainhead of love exists. So I say that no man can become a part of God's Divinity until he receives this divine love and realizes that he and his Father are One in love and purity.

I will now tell you what this divine love means to everyone who has received it. He is in a condition of perfect peace and his happiness is beyond all comparison, and he is not willing that anything or power shall lead him to those things that are not in accord with the divine love and God's laws of harmony. He is not only happy, but is away beyond the lower spirits in intellectual development and knowledge of the spiritual things of the Father.

I know that no man is able to obtain the great soul perceptions until he has the soul development and is fitted to live in the celestial spheres where only love and harmony exist. So do not think if a man merely becomes wonderful in his knowledge in an intellectual sense, he is fitted to live in these higher spheres, for he is not. Only the great development of the soul, by obtaining into his soul the divine love will enable him to live there.

John never said that by me were all things created that were created, and that I, as God, came to earth and became an indweller in the flesh. This is a mistake and an interpolation, for I never was God, neither did I ever create any part of the universe. I was only a spirit of God sent by Him to work out man's salvation, and show him the only way to the heavenly home that God has in keeping for those who receive the new birth.

Let us stop now.

Your own true brother in spirit, Jesus

How the Soul of a Mortal Receives the Divine Love,
even though his Mind may indulge in False Beliefs, and the Truth concerning a Lost Soul
I am here, Jesus;

I desire to write you a message on the question of: How the soul of a mortal receives the divine love and what its effect is, even though subsequently his mind may indulge in those beliefs that may tend to prevent the growth of the soul.

As you know, the inflowing of this love is caused by its bestowal by the Holy Spirit in response to sincere prayer and longings. I mean prayer and longings for the love itself, and not prayers in general for the material benefits that men more often and more naturally ask for and desire. The prayers of mortals for these things that may tend to make them successful and happy in their natural love are answered also, if it be best that they should be, but these are not the prayers that bring the divine love or cause the Holy Spirit to work with men

As the prayers of the sincere, earnest soul ascend to the Father, that soul becomes opened up to the inflowing of this love, and the soul's perceptions
enlarge and come more in rapport with the conditions or influence that always accompanies the presence of this love, and consequently its entrance into the soul becomes easier and its reception more perceptible to the soul sense. The more earnest the prayer and sincere the longings, the sooner faith comes and with this faith, the realization that the divine love is permeating the soul.

When once the divine love finds a lodgment in the soul, it, to the extent that it receives the love, becomes as it were, a changed substance, partaking of the essence of the love. And as water may become colored by an ingredient foreign to itself and which changes not only its appearance but its qualities, so this divine love changes the appearance and qualities of the soul, and this change of qualities continues ever thereafter. The natural qualities of the soul and the essence of the love become One and united, and the soul is made altogether different in its constituency from what it was before the inflowing of the love, but this only to the extent of the love received.

As this love increases in quantity, the change and transformation becomes correspondingly greater, until at last the transformation may and will become so great that the whole soul becomes a thing of this divine essence and partakes of its very nature and substance, a being of Divinity.

When once this love enters and truly possesses the soul and works the change mentioned, it, the love, never leaves nor disassociates itself from the soul. Its character of divine essence never changes to that of the mere natural love, and so far as it is present sin and error have no existence because it is just as impossible for this essence and sin and error, to occupy the same parts of the soul at the same time, as it is for two material objects to occupy the same space at the same time, as your philosophers say.

Divinity never gives place to that which is not of the divine. Man is working towards the attainment of the divine when he pursues the way provided for obtaining the divine nature. And as he advances and obtains a portion of this Divinity, no matter how small, he can never retrace his steps to the extent of ridding himself of this transforming essence and again become without its presence.

But this does not mean that a man may not lose the consciousness of the existence of this essence within his soul, for he frequently does. The indulgence of his appetites and evil desires will place him in the condition that he may cease to have a consciousness, of the existence of the divine love in his soul, and to himself he will be as if he had never had any experience of the change that I speak of.

And while this love can never be eradicated by the evils that man may indulge in or by the mental beliefs that he may acquire, yet the progress of this love in his soul may be checked and become stagnant as if the love were not, and sin and error may appear to be the only dominant elements of his life and being. But yet when once possessed, the love cannot be crowded out of his soul by sin and error, no matter how deep and intense they may be. I know that this may seem strange and impossible to man's intellectual thinking, and that it is not in accordance with what has been attributed to me as teaching that a soul may be lost. Nevertheless, a soul that has once received this divine essence cannot be lost, though its want of realization of the presence of this love and its awakening from its dormant condition caused by sin and error and its misdirected beliefs may delay its manifestation of life and existence for a long time, and much suffering and darkness may have to be endured by the soul that is in such a condition.

And it must not be understood by this as meaning that a soul cannot be lost, for it can, and many have been and will be. And many will realize the fact when too late.

Now, what is a lost soul? Not one that a man may actually lose in the sense of being deprived of it - separated from it actually, or even as regards his consciousness of not having a soul - for while at times he may believe that he has lost his soul in the sense of not having any, yet he is mistaken, for the soul, which is the man, can never be separated from himself, and as long as he lives in the physical body or in the spiritual body his soul will be with him.

And yet he may have a soul, consciously or not, and at the same time have lost it. This may seem a paradox to the mortal intellect or to the intellect of spirit, but it is true.

Then what is a lost soul? When God gave to man a soul, that soul was made in the image but not the substance of its Maker, and at the same time there was bestowed on him the privilege of having that soul become of the substance of the Father and to an extent divine and entitled to and capable of living in the celestial kingdom of the Father where everything is of the divine essence and nature.

When the first parents by their act of disobedience forfeited that privilege, their souls lost the possibility of being of the divine nature and at-One with the Father in His kingdom, and they thereby lost not the natural soul, which was a part of their creation, but the soul having the possibility of obtaining the essence of Divinity and immortality as the Father has immortality.

As I have said heretofore, with my coming this great privilege was restored to mankind, and the lost soul became again the object of man's recovery. And now he has that privilege as did the first parents before the fall, but also men may lose it as they did then. As with the first parents, their souls were lost until they received into it the divine essence of the Father, so with men now, their souls are lost until and unless they receive this divine essence therein. As the first parents by their disobedience and refusal forfeited their privilege of having their souls become a living, divine substance, so now men by their disobedience and refusal will forfeit their privilege to save their souls from separation from the divine unity with the Father.

The lost soul is as real as the verities of the Father's immutable laws, and only by the operation of the divine love can the soul lost, become the soul found.

Men may believe and teach that within them is a part of the divine that will cause their souls to progress and develop until it reaches the condition of Divinity, that will make it a part of the Divinity of the Father, but in this they are all wrong, for while man was the highest creation of God, and the most perfect and made in His image, yet in man is no part of the divine, and having no part of the divine it is wholly impossible for him to progress to the possession of the divine. He, of himself, no matter what his development may be, can never become greater or more perfect, or of a higher nature than he was at his creation.

The divine comes from above, and when once planted in a man's soul there can be no limit to its expansion and development, even in the celestial heavens. Let all men seek this love and there will be no lost souls not having the divine essence of the Father.

I have written enough for tonight and I am pleased at the way in which you received my message.
Continue to pray to the Father for more and more of His divine love, and your prayers will be answered and you will realize with the certainty of conscious possession of the divine essence, that your soul is not lost and never will be. So with my love and blessings I will say good night and God bless you.

Your brother and friend, Jesus