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Joining the Forum, Private Messaging and Forum Info

If you are interested in these messages on the website and would like to join us in this forum, please send an email telling us your reason for wanting to join, top menu "Email".
Send private messages to each other, you'll see the link "Private Messages" link when you log in.

Quick Instructions on how to use Private Messages.

The easiest way to send a Private Message (PM) to one or more of the members is to click on the middle PM button underneath their profile picture. Their name
will appear and then you can compose a message and click send.

You can also click on My Profile at the bottom left you will see Private Messaging and the different categories: Inbox, New Message, Outbox and
Trash. Click on any of these to view messages, compose a new one, view messages that you’ve sent, and view deleted messages.

When someone sends you a PM, a pop up will appear at the top left of the screen. Go to the Private Message button on the left side of the screen and
click on the link in blue to view the message and to respond.

To delete PMs from either your Inbox or Outbox, click on the PM to be deleted and then go to the right side of the screen and look for the envelope with an “X” on it. Click on the envelope and the PM will be moved to the Trash.

There is a more detailed "Forum Help" in the top menu.

Forum Information

There are six messages to a page, click next to view the next page. To start a new topic, click the "Index" button, find the appropriate topic and then click on "+New Topic" within that topic. Write your post and click "Submit."