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Sharing Divine Love
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Sharing another Divine Love experience! 11 Jan 2014 05:40 #6261

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I wanted to share an email I had sent to Joan previously and give an up date on it.

OM Gosh! It finally happened!

My brother came over this morning and he started talking about the aliens, the bible, Jesus and etc. Then he pointed to the Urantia Book that I had on the shelve and he asked me what I thought of it. I told him that I felt parts of it were true. It’s a good thing he hasn’t seen the book “Are you a psychic” in my bathroom! LOL

While talking negatively about his life situation he mention that he didn’t understand why God was letting things happen to him. Wow what an moment of opportunity!! I then started praying hard for Divine Love and for God show me what to say. I asked for Jesus and some of the greats to be in the room. I Then told him my story of how after my husband and I had a time of trouble mid way in our marriage that I just gave up on God and how I prayed for God to show me if Jesus was God and then I started praying straight to God and my life started changing dramatically. I suggested that he might want to try that and I went and got the Padgett messages and gave him my last copy. I didn’t tell him much about the book except that it might challenge his thinking but to give it a chance and to read the book to the end before he laid any judgment upon the book.

I was REALLY surprised when he just came back with one sentence that he believed that Jesus is God and he believes in the Trinity. In the past I would have been going to hell if I didn’t have that belief. Hopefully my life is a good testimony for him.

Update - Last week he visited me again and he again was revisiting the negativity in his life. I then asked him if I could read him something and when he agreed I read to him the Prayer for Divine Love that Jesus gave to us. Afterward he reached for the paper and read it again to the part -

and not through the sacrifice and death of any one of Thy creatures, even though the world thinks that one Thy equal and a part of Thy godhead


He then asked does this mean Jesus and I said it says any creature and he handed me back the prayer and said that he couldn't accept that. I sat there for another good ten minutes with my mouth shut closed listening to all the reasons why. When he was winding down he again stated that Jesus had to die on the cross for his sin. I then opened up and asked one simple question. WHY? He stated he didn't know and he didn't have to know all that he had to know what that he did. I then cheerfully changed the topic. About ten minutes later when he came back into the room to let me know he was leaving he asked if he could have copy of the prayer!
My prayer is that God opens up his soul to God's Divine Love and to start questioning what we have been taught to believe. God our Father is AWESOME!

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If mortals would only understand that as regards to eternity, the soul is the great thing which they possess, and should be given more care and development than any and all other parts of man's being. TGRABJ Vol 1 - page 156
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