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Sharing Divine Love
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Re:Sharing the Love 28 Nov 2013 01:10 #6135

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Often times when we try to tell anyone of our true understanding of the Divine, they think we are mistaken because our beliefs don't follow the Bible. A book that had 1,700 mistakes at it's printing when King James demanded that it be printed now. 144 contradictions and it is the word of God to be followed religiously.

How many power hungry sects have taken and distorted the word, it is a shame that so many religions have caused so much catastrophes in the history of the world all in the name of God.

Entire civilizations have been destroyed and blamed on God. Put the fear of God into ya they do! God is to be feared. Wait... God is love? Ask and ye shall receive? All I have to do is pray and ask God to awaken my soul and fill it with his Divine Love and I can live for eternity filled with love and dwell in his kingdom in heaven? That was easy.

I know I posted in here about my mother passing away about a year and a half ago. Before she passed I used to go over to her house and tell her all about the Padgett messages. How there is so much more to look forward to than what the Bible says. My family was raised under the false religion of Mormonism. My mother and father were faithful followers as well as a brother. My mother and I had some very in-depth talks about the afterlife. She still clung to the crap the Mormon's had brainwashed her with.

I found out later that she had told my brother about the things I had discussed with her.
She died in my living room. Before she passed my eldest brother had given her a Mormon blessing while I was out of the room. He told me about that. My first thought was what a waste of time. Knowing my mom, I figured at least maybe it did some good. I had prayed and asked that the Celestial Spirits be ready to receive her. I felt they were near when she passed.

One day I was enjoying a Jacuzzi where I relax and meditate. I was working on my Chakras. I had a great vision going when the profile of a young woman appeared. That was interesting as I didn't know what that had to do with anything. She grew closer. I kept meditating and suddenly I realized this was my mother. She looked like the photo I remembered seeing when she was about 30.

She got so close to my face I could feel here presence, then she kissed me on the cheek, thanked me for being right. I could actually feel her kiss. She disappeared. I knew that she was thanking me for telling her about the Divine Love and the spirit world.

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