Soulmates and the Incarnation of the Soul

How wonderful it is to obtain possession of the Divine Love 
I am here, your own true and loving Helen,
Well my dear Ned, I see that you are very happy tonight and I join in your happiness, for the source of both our happiness is the same - the Great Divine Love Angels with peopleof the Father.
How loving He is, and how thankful we should be, that we not only have the privilege of receiving this Love, but that we know the way as the Master has taught.
Oh, wonderful is this Love and more wonderful that little, insignificant creatures as are we, should have the way pointed out to us by which we can obtain this Love.
The Father is good and his Love is without stint or limitation in its bestowal on all his children, even on those who do not seek for it with longings of the soul.
Always it is waiting for the desires of men to possess, and, as you know, never is the man who earnestly seeks for it, disappointed.
Love is the one Great Gift of the Father which all may obtain, and only man, himself, can prevent this Love transforming his soul from the condition of the mortal to that of the immortal.
With all my love, Your own true and loving Helen.


The Importance of getting the Divine Love in The Soul

I am here, your Grandmother.

I wish to tell you more about the things of the spirit, for they are the important things that you should know. You are very near the Kingdom, and if you keep on trying to have more of God's Love in your soul, you will soon realize the full joy and peace which comes with such possession. Try to let your heart receive more of His Love, for He is always ready and waiting to bestow His Love upon you. He is the one Lovely Father for you to long for and keep with you in all your thoughts and aspirations.

Do not let the worries of life keep you from loving and believing that He wants you to become one with Him in Love and Grace. He is not only waiting for you to let His Love flow into your heart, but He is anxiously knocking at the door of your heart, that you may open and let Him enter.

Be true to your best spiritual longings, and you will soon feel that you have got that in your soul which will give you perfect peace and happiness. You are only now beginning to learn that you must feel that your Father is so near you, that He must become a part of your life and being. When that Love has fully taken possession of you, you will know that you are His own true and reconciled son, just as all are who have come into a realization of that Love. So do not doubt that you may become such a son of your Father, for I tell you that I know from my own experience, the grandeur of living in the favor of His Blessing.

Be my own dear boy and do try to reach out and get this Love. You must not let the things of your earth life keep you from the higher things that the Father has prepared to give you. You will soon know, as I know, that the only things worth striving after are the things of this spiritual Love of the Father. Be more anxious to get this knowledge, and it will come to you in all its beauty and convincing force. I so wish that you could see the Holy Spirit's work among men and spirits, for then you would not doubt any more that God is a God of Love, and not of anger or retribution.

Keep praying, for that is the one great means to receive the Love of God. Without prayer men cannot reach the answering ear of the Father's Grace. He will hear the penitent only, for He will not accept anyone who is not truly and anxiously [earnestly] seeking Him. Man has a will to either accept or reject the Love of God, and until he exercises his will in a way to show that he wants that Love, it will not be given him. No man is ever forced to love God or to let God's Love come into his heart.

The Love of God cannot be defined, for it passes all understanding, but the result of that Love, when in the souls of men, can be seen and felt, in the exceeding beauty in the countenances of men, and in their wonderful happiness.

No fear of death or anything that maketh afraid can possibly exist where this Love is. It is not the Love that permits any feelings of jealousy or envy to have an entrance, but is so perfect and all soul filling that there cannot possibly be any room for anything but its own great self. I know that the Love of God is the only thing that can make man supremely happy while on earth, and after he becomes a spirit.

My love for Him is such that I love every one of His creatures, be they saints or sinners. And that is the difference between the love that He inspires in His children, and the love that exists among men and spirits, which has not His Love for its foundation.

Be sure that no man can be perfectly happy without this Divine Love.

Your wife is progressing very rapidly in the Way to this perfect Love, and I think that in a short time she will be with me in my sphere, for she will not let anything come between her and her efforts to possess the greatest amount of this Love that is possible to obtain.

It is wonderful how her faith has grown since she first became convinced that she must seek the Father's Love in order to become one with Him and perfectly happy. You must try to get this faith and progress with her, so that when you come over you will go forward together in soul development and conjugal love. She is now in the third [spirit] heaven, as she has told you, and she is almost in a condition of development to leave that sphere and go with your mother to the fifth [spirit] sphere, where her happiness will be so much greater.

She loves you so much that you must feel that she wants you to be with her in all her happiness. She is not the same Helen as when she was on earth, but is so much changed that your mother says her appearance is as different as earth from heaven. She is not only changed in her appearance, but in her temperament and desires for those things which do not tend to retard the progress of the soul.

Let her tell you of her love for you, and you must believe what she is telling you, as she is not one who is in condition to speak anything else than the truth. Her love for you is so great that I sometimes wonder how it can be; for while we all love you, as well as our soulmates, yet she seems to have such intense love for you that we wonder. We think that her nature is so intense that she cannot do anything in a way that is not the result of her strong and earnest constitution, or rather that is not the result of a power that knows no limitation in effort or force. But while she loves you so intensely, her love for God is not interfered with in the least; for just as she gives her whole soul to loving you, she devotes it to loving God also. And when you do come over you will find such love in her heart for you as we seldom see in the spirit life for our soulmates.

But you must not think from this that we do not love intensely also, and the love that we all have for our soulmates is very great and deep as I must tell you  but she seems to be almost consumed by this love for you, and you must never do anything to hurt her or make her feel that you do not want it or deserve it.

My dear boy we must stop writing now as you are not in condition to write more. So I will say good night and God bless you and keep you in His Love and care.

Your loving grandmother, Ann Rollins

 Jesus, On the love of man.

I am here, Jesus.

I want to write tonight on the love of man.

This love is one that is not understood by humanity in its most important particular. I mean that this love is not one that is sufficient to give man the highest degree of happiness which he may obtain in either the mortal life or in the life to come.

This love is of a nature that changes with the change in the ideas and desires of men, and has no stability that will serve to keep him constant in his affections. No man who has only this love can ever be in condition to say that he will continue to have this love for a longer time than the present; and when he thinks that his love can never change, or leave him, he is only giving thought to the wish.

But this love is one that may last for a long time, and sometimes it seems that it can never die or grow less; yet, in it's very nature, it has not that constancy which insures its lasting longer than a moment of time.

I do not mean to say anything disparaging of this natural love, for it is undoubtedly the greatest gift that the Father has bestowed upon mankind, and without it, men would be in a very unhappy condition. Yet, it is not the Great Love of the Father which all men may receive, if they will only seek and strive to obtain it by prayer and faith.

This natural love is that which unites men and women in unity while an earth, and enables them to approach nearer to a life of happiness than does any other human quality; but still it has the danger always accompanying it, that sometime, in some way, it may cease to exist.

The mother's love is the strongest of all loves given to mortals, and apparently it can never end or grow old, yet a time may come when that love will die or cease to retain all its vitality or beauty. I know it is said that love never dies; but that is not true as regards this natural love; and no man can say that his love of today will remain his love of a few years hence.

Yet, there is a love that may be called the natural love that will last forever, providing these souls seek and obtain the Divine Love, and that is the love that God has implanted in two souls that he has designed to become one in spirit life. This love is really not two loves, but one and the same love manifested in the two opposite sexes, and which is only a complete one when these two apparently independent souls come together in perfect unity. This is what is commonly called the love of soul mates, and which is that essence of spiritual love which makes the happiness of the two spirits of mortals, seemingly complete. Yet this love is not of a Divine nature, but merely the highest type of the natural love.

So, when men speak of the love of one mortal for his fellow man, it means merely the love which his human nature is capable of having and giving to another mortal.

I do not wish to be understood as in any way implying that this love is not a great boon and blessing to mankind, for it is, and without it, there would not be the harmony that exists on earth; yet, at this time (World War I), hatred and anger seems to have taken its place in the hearts of many men who are now striving to kill and destroy. But this is only for a season; the war will cease and then men will realize, more than for a long time that only their love for one another, can make the earth a happy and desirable place to live on.

Love, I know it is said, is the fulfilling of the law, but no man can thoroughly understand this until he knows what love is. I do not mean that in order to fulfill every law man must have the Divine Love of the Father, because there are laws that govern the Divine existence, and laws that govern the human and merely spiritual existence; and the Love of the Divine is the fulfillment of the former laws, and the natural love is the fulfillment of the latter laws. So you must see, that only as men have the Love of the Divine can they fulfill the laws of the Divine existence; and so, as they have the natural love only, can they fulfill the natural laws.

But this natural love will not be able to make them one with the Father, as I have before written; and the utmost of its powers and functions is to give them that happiness, which they will receive in living the life of a spirit or man unredeemed.

I will not say that man should not cultivate this love for his fellow man to the greatest possible degree, for he should; and if that should be the only kind of love that he may have, either on earth or in the spirit world, the more of it that he possesses the happier will he be, and the greater will be the happiness of his fellowman and fellow spirit. So when I said, when on earth, that men should love their God and love their fellow men as themselves, I meant that they should do so with all the possibilities of whatever love they might possess. Yet, if men would only learn, as they can, that there is no necessity for them to have only the natural love, but that they can all seek the Greater Love, and obtain the correspondingly greater happiness, and immortality.

Men do not realize this, though, and seem to be satisfied with this natural love, and the pleasures that ensue from its possession.

I would not have them do anything that would lessen this love or shut their hearts to its influence, when it is pure and good; but yet, I cannot help trying to impress upon them the great desirability of having this higher Love in their souls.

Yes, I am a lover of all men, and I want them to feel the happiness of the inflowing of the Divine Love, and thereby learn what the Love of God means, and what they may have if they will only seek.

This love of the purely natural will not suffice for the temptations that beset men on earth; and, also, will not insure against temptations when they become spirits. I know this, and hence I say it with the positiveness of one who knows - you may say, with authority.

As you are tired I must stop.

With all my blessings and love, I am,

Your brother in spirit, Jesus

Incarnation of the Soul - Mystery of the Birth of the Soul in the Human Being.

I am here, Luke.

I want to tell you tonight of the mystery of the birth of the soul in the human being.

All souls which enter into mortal bodies are, previous to such advent, real, living existences, and made in the likeness of the Great Soul, though not having the qualities and potentialities of that Soul, and also, not having the form of individualized personality that they have after they become parts of the composition, or form, of the mortal and spiritual bodies of human beings.

The soul, in its existence prior to becoming an indweller in the mortal body, has a consciousness of its existence and of its relationship to God and to other parts of the Great Soul, and more especially of the duplex character of its being; and by this I mean the sexual differences in the two parts of the soul, which, in the way that they are united, constitutes the one complete soul.

When the time comes for this soul to become an indweller in the mortal frame, the two parts that I speak of separate, and only one of the parts enters at the same time into a mortal and never into the same mortal; and while this separation is necessary for the individualization of each part of this one complete soul, yet the two parts never lose that interrelationship, or the binding qualities that existed before their separation, and which continue to exist thereafter, and in the great future, after the work of individualization shall be completed, will come together again and reunite in a complete one.

This separation may exist a longer or shorter time, depending upon the similar development of those similar qualities that is absolutely necessary in order that this coming together in the original one, as it were, may take place.

While, as I have said, this soul before its separation has a consciousness of its existence, and when its duplex character leaves it, or rather leaves the two separated parts, and thereafter, until its reentrance into the spirit world, does not again return to these parts. But in order to regain this consciousness, it is not necessary that both of these parts at the same time shall come again into the spirit life, for if one part becomes a spirit, free from the physical body, and the other part remains in the mortal body, that part that comes into the spirit world may receive the awakening to this consciousness, depending upon certain conditions and developments .

It often happens, that both these parts will return to the spirit world, and yet, for a long time, live as spirits without having a restoration of this consciousness, because of various reasons that may exist. The conditions of the development of the two parts may be so vastly different, that the realization of this consciousness may be wholly impossible; and very often it is the case that when these two individualized parts are informed that they are the soulmates of each other, they will not believe that information, and live on in utter indifference to the fact.

But ultimately, the consciousness of their relationship will come to them, because their development, no matter whether intellectual or spiritual, will tend towards the awakening of this consciousness, which is always present with them, although dormant.

Now, as to what this soul is in its constituent parts or shape or form, prior to its separation for the purpose of becoming an inhabitant of the mortal body, we spirits are not informed and do not know. We are often present at the conception, and also the birth of a child, and realize that a soul has become enveloped in the flesh, but we cannot see that soul as it enters into that home of mortal environment, because as to us it is invisible and has no form; but after its lodgment in the human body we can perceive it and realize its existence, for then it assumes a form, and that form varies in different incarnations, or in the incarnations in different humans.

We have never seen the Soul of God, although we know that there is this Great Oversoul, and hence we cannot see the soul of any image of the Great Soul until it becomes, as I say, individualized.

I know that men have often wondered and asked the question as to the preexistence of the soul that has been incarnated, and what qualities and attributes it had during its preexistence, and as to these particulars I wish to say, that we spirits, although we are inhabitants of God's Celestial Heavens, have little information, though we know that the soul, and I mean the complete soul in oneness, has an existence prior to its becoming individualized.

You may ask, how we know this? Well, it will be hard to explain this to you, so that you may comprehend, but this I can say, that we spirits of the higher soul development can, by our soul perceptions, understand the existence of these souls as images of the Great Soul, and the qualities of these images are such, that while we cannot sensibly, as you would say, see these souls or their dualities, yet we are conscious of their existence. To use an illustration, that is not altogether appropriate, you understand that the wind blows, yet you cannot see it.

And we further understand, and such is the result of our observations, that when the soul, and keep in mind that I mean the two parts when I say soul, once becomes incarnated and assumes an individualized form, it never thereafter loses that individuality, and hence, never again returns to its condition of preexistence, and can never again become reincarnated in the existence of any human being.

There is no such thing as reincarnation, and all the theories and speculations of men upon that question, which conclude that a soul once incarnated can again become incarnated, are wrong, for the incarnation of a soul is only one step in its destined progress, from an invisible formless existence to a glorious angel or to a perfected spirit.

A soul in this progress never retraces its steps - it is always progress, though sometimes stagnation takes place - but continues as an individualized spirit until it reaches its goal in fulfillment of the Father's plan for the perfecting of His universe.

This is a subject that is difficult of treatment for several reasons, among which is the fact that we spirits, no matter how high our attainments, do not have the information in order to give a full and complete description of the soul and its qualities prior to its incarnation, and you mortals are not capable of comprehending the full truth as we may try to convey it to you.

I have made this effort to give you some faint idea of the soul, as you are in good condition tonight to receive my ideas, but I realize how inadequate my attempt has proved to be. But from it, you can understand that the soul has an existence prior to its finding its home in the physical body, that it is duplex and has a consciousness of the relationship of its two parts, that after it has received the experience of the mortal life and received an individuality, it returns to the spirit world, and that at some time that consciousness will come to it again, and the two parts will become one, unless in the development of these separate parts have arisen barriers, that may prevent their reuniting. And further, that this soul will never again retrace the steps of its progression, and become reincarnated.

I will now close, and with my love and blessings say good night.

Your brother in Christ, Luke