Moses Emphasizes the Importance of the Jews Learning the Truths of God as Proclaimed by Jesus


I am here, Moses, the prophet of God of ancient days.

I have been with you on several occasions when some of the ancient spirits wrote to you, and I was much interested. I am still the faithful servant of God, Jesus talking to a childbut in addition I am a believer in Jesus, who is the greatest of all the sons of the Father, and the only one of all God's messengers who brought Life and Immortality to light. I could not have said this before his coming, I mean that I could not have said that other great reformers and teachers of the truths of God had not done this, because I did not know what Life and Immortality meant before the coming of Jesus. No man or spirit before that time knew this Great Truth.

I am now in the Celestial Heavens with many of the old prophets and seers who have received this Great Gift of the Divine Love. And many who lived and died since Jesus' time are also Celestial spirits, partaking of Immortality.
I now see that many of my teachings were not true; that love did not enter into them, but rather the spirit of retaliation which is absolutely no part of the truths of the Father.

The Jews still look upon me as their great teacher and lawgiver, and many of them observe my laws literally. And I want to tell you this fact because I believe that when you publish the messages of the Master, should you publish also what I may write, many Jews will believe me; and also that I and many of those who taught my teachings, are now engaged in showing the spirits of Jews who come into the spirit world the Truths as taught by the Master.

The Jewish nation is the most strict of all people in their beliefs in, and observances of, their religious doctrines, as set forth in the Old Testament. Consequently they will be among the last of all men to accept the Truths which I now understand and teach. But I hope that something which I may communicate to you will cause them to think, and become believers and observers of this New Revelation of the Truth.

They have fought and suffered for their religion in all these centuries, and they are still doing so. And the one great thing that, more than any other, has prevented them from accepting the teachings of Jesus, and believing in his mission to mankind is that his followers (or those who attempted to write his teachings, and those who interpreted the same) declare and maintain that Jesus is God, and that the true God is three instead of one, which, in the decalogue, I never declared.

This has been the great stumbling block to the Jews; and when they read, as they may, that Jesus himself declared and proclaimed that he is not God, but only His son, and that they are also His sons, they will look upon his teachings with more tolerance. Many of them will be inclined to accept his truths and the truths of the Father. And Judaism, in its religious aspect, will gradually disappear, and the Jews will become a part of the one great religious brotherhood of men. And, as in our Celestial Heavens, there will be no more Jew and no more gentile on earth, but all will become one in their belief in the Father, and the mission of Jesus. He will be accepted as the messiah not only of the Jew, but also of the whole world. Then, God's chosen people will not be a very small minority of God's children. Rather, the whole world will be His chosen people.

I will not write more tonight, but I feel that I must ask you to permit me to write again, as I have a mission to perform on earth, to undo a work which I so effectively performed when I was the leader of my people.

As Jesus is teaching and will teach all mankind the Way to the Father and Immortality, I must teach my people the way to get rid of these erroneous and false beliefs which are contained in the Old Testament.

So thanking you, I will say good night.
Moses the lawgiver of the Jews